Welcome to this inclusive, healing community. Here you will find resources and information on spirituality, wellness and personal growth to guide, support, enlighten, provoke, teach and uplift you on your human journey. Here. you will find the inspiration and empowerment to be transformed and to transform!


All people, all change-makers of all ages who desire a space to be fed spiritually, embraced as persons, awakened to their best lives, transformed as leaders and seen fully both for who they are and the social issues that affect them.;  Committed and Conscious seekers of all backgrounds and ages who are ready to fully invest in their spiritual development, wellness and personal growth; Conscious seekers hungry for strategies, resources and practices to maximize their personal growth and prosperity and power their business; Souls who acknowledge and understand the whitewashing, spiritual bypassing and age-ism in mainstream-marketed spirituality, wellness and personal growth and are consciously working to stop contributing to it as a producer or consumer; Souls who are ready for the breakthrough to a higher level of evolution and want a spiritual guide and coach to assist in the process.


Interviews with  fascinating and brilliant guests as well as solo rounds on  "Breakthrough". Experts in diverse fields, they all have something to teach us that benefits our growth.


Learn a new thing and get a new perspective Find courses on entrepreneurship, spirituality, leadership,  or relationships


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