It is coal black and cool. The Sun is only a contemplation now. I have awakened ahead of it. The only human sound is the beating of my heart.

The hardest part is awakening at 4:55 AM.  Quietly and quickly sliding on my workout gear. Foregoing showering, toothbrushing and all cosmetic steps. This is raw time. This is loving myself time.

I have a life goal of achieving a certain physical fitness level by a certain age. To be much more fit than my mother at this age. To be much more fit than in my 20s. It is my intention to live to triple digits, enjoying life, running and dancing on my own two feet, seeing with my own two eyes, teaching, healing and inspiring others, live, around the world under my own physical power. My legacy will be powered in part by my body.

I will attain my goal.

To do that it means not only setting the goal. It means being disciplined and training regularly.

Success requires the hard part. Success requires discipline.

Whatever you want to do, be prepared to do the hard part, then just do it. Move through the tears, whining and fear. Focus on the goal ahead.

We all have challenges. The key is to be unshakeable, unstoppable and willing to do the hard part to move past challenges and onto excellence.

You want to change your life, have smooth transitions and positive progress instead of dramatic crisis when turning 30, 40, 50 or 60? Need a better work/life blend? Work with me. Enroll ( side of the page).

Opportunity. Legacy. Wisdom. Fresh Start.

The choice is yours.

No excuses. Now is your moment. The hardest part is the start.

It is 5:30AM and I have arrived at the gym. The hard part, getting started, is done.

I am feeling gratitude and joy creep into my heart. Now I work out and start my excellent day. I’ve got the power.

I will succeed in whatever it is I desire to attain, even if it comes in a different form, or through a different person than I thought it would. The manifestation of my destiny is always unfolding because I make a decision to conceive what I desire, take massive action, stay in gratitude and be present when the opportunity arrives.

The hardest part is over:

The 4:55 AM

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