A Quiet Thunderclap

Have you asked?

That was the question that was on my spirit as I awakened today.

Have you asked?

Ask and you will receive.

Ask. Believe. Receive.

I was surprised to hear this question in my spirit this morning because I thought I had asked. I went to bed last night with a bit of anxiety and awakened holding my body in a tense position. Why? Because I was concerned about hitting the 100% mark for the  social support Thunderclap campaign I am running to advertise the women’s event I am hosting in San Diego in August (Thrive! SAN DIEGO 2015) . I have done poorly in results thus far, achieving only 53% and no support the last 48 hours except for 1 person.

I began to laugh aloud to myself as I realized I have not put out there point blank the support I need, so I have not received it.

Who gets what they want when they do not make it known that they have a need? No one.



It is not that I have not asked for people to support the campaign. What I had done was jump into the Thunderclap campaign without first putting my desire out into the Universe. I was going on my own power, unaligned with the Universe.

So, I stopped this morning, and I did what I should have done 8 days ago. I put my desire out there:

I want 100 women to give me social suport on Facebook and Twitter through this Thunderclap campaign so I can launch my message about it on July 18. Thank you for answered prayer. 

Then, I posted my request in a few places  and finally, I relaxed.

I will either get 100 women to support me and the message will go live or I will not and the message will not go out. It could be a spiritually quiet Thunderclap of seeing the campaign end without 100% support. I can learn from such a quiet Thunderclap ending. It could, conversely, be a loud Thunderclap across the Internet because 100 people step forward and take those steps to support me. It will be a Thunderclap in some way

That is all.

Now, I can relax. I am connected to more than 1000 women between various forums, groups, Twitter and Facebook. Either it happens or not. There is no need to anxiety in my mind and tension in my body.

This is how we must always approach our goals. Ask. Believe Receive.

If you want to socially support my Thunderclap campaign for my women’s event, you can

  1. Click on
  2. Click on “Support with Facebook” and “Add my support”
  3. Click on “Support with Twitter” and “Add my support”


FYI, it does not take personal information nor collect a list of names nor in any way invade anyone’s privacy. It sends out a one-time message.

In 3 days either I will have the support 47 more women that I need  – or not. If I do not, the message does not go out, as the Thunderclap program requires either all or nothing goes out. Spirit leads my success and always has done so. I only need ask for what I want, release it and then sit back and watch the flow.

But now, I have asked done the work I needed to do in belief of it being fulfilled and now I am open, sitting back and embracing whatever I receive.

What ever I receive will be good.

Always has been.

Always will be.


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