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88Barrett Clemmensen Powell, M.Div.

Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Passionista, Educator, Author

Passion. Liberation. Wholeness. Truth

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI live passionately, embrace my God-given liberation, maintain the wholeness of my soul, mind and body and have a BIG THING for justice and the truth! I educate on personal development and transformation for all and work with the niche of women’s empowerment.

I am founder of Barrett Clemmensen Powell, an educational and empowerment focused platform. I am a professional speaker and the author of the children’s book “Lori Leak Travels to Paris” and the transformative midlife book “Midlife Opportunity: Power, Money And Wellbeing In Your Late 30s & Early 40s”.

I speak at venues in the USA and Europe on personal development across the lifespan tween the 20s through 60s. I also get excited about working with women on empowerment and leadership development.

Most importantly, I provide education and tools to help you make your life and your business thrive, by teaching you which mind, mind and spirit beliefs, practices AND actions will get you what you want. Through books, speeches, courses, and workshops, I am dedicated to helping you grow your capabilities and connections and to getting you to that next level of success, no matter where you are in the process right now. I also offer limited consulting to businesses. I am slowly  converting my lifespan programs into courses to reach more people so I am free to do more events and speaking engagements.

Presently, I  live in Southern California and northern Europe. I love to travel and to explore many challenging and exciting interests and opportunities. My curiosity, passion and spirituality is combined with my lifelong mission to “build bridges between people across cultures”. It led me first into investigative journalism, then into ordained ministry and spiritual care and ultimately into launching my own holistic lifespan practice.

Academically, and professionally, whoa, I have been there and done most of that — I have earned a Master of Divinity at Eden Theological Seminary (including Clinical Pastoral Education certification, followed by being lifetime ordained to ministry),  a B.A. in Psychology and Cultural Encounters, a B.S. in Mass Communication and an A.A. in French. I worked as a journalist before becoming an ordained minister. I formally established my lifespan practice just after being ordained, a practice integrating psychology, spirituality, alternative healing and wellness. My work has taken me to a life in Europe, Central and South America and the Middle East, immersing myself in diverse cultures.

My lifespan work  focuses on the niche of men and women in four lifespan periods (28-30, 37-44, 49-51 and 56-60). I also have a deep focus on women’s empowerment  and leadetship. To do this, my work encompasses entrepreneurial, educational inspirational and motivational

  • seminars and workshops
  • special events and conferences (public speaking, facilitating)
  • books
  • online courses.

As a spiritual care professional, I am trained, skilled and experienced providing spiritual support and counseling across the broad spectrum of race, cultural, and faith traditions. I have served as a member of an interdisciplinary client care team, participated in client care planning and documented all pertinent required information. Working with you on HEALING AND LIBERATION yourself spiritually through grief, anxiety, crisis, loss and life transitions is my pleasure.

PASSION. PASSION. PASSION!! I am passionate about everything I do and everyone I meet. I want to empower you so you can make a difference.

Shorter Bio for Use in Events and Interviews

Barrett Clemmensen Powell explores how people can transform their lives through integrated personal development and works with women’s leadership and empowerment. She is Founder of CEO of Barrett Clemmensen Powell a sought after public speaker, and the author of four books and working on her fifth. Ask her about it! Learn more about her at barrettcpowell.com


If you have a question or would like to do a media interview, please send an email to info(at)barrettcpowell.com


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