African-American Mom Bloggers – You Are Wanted!

I am looking for GenX (born 1963-1982) and Baby Boomer (born 1946-1962) bloggers, who can and want to write original, high quality articles. I especially want African-American, Latina and Asian Mom bloggers because their voices are not often included in the mainstream as voices of mothers, working women, entrepreneurs or bloggers.

Additionally, there is silence out there about working women who where single or married and/or raising children or not. The articles about such mothers are about Millennials and the theme is that they are the FIRST females working and raising children. It is important that GenX mother not be like their parallel Silent Generation mothers and be forgotten. GenX women need to have a voice. Baby Boomer wives and mothers (currently 52-73) also have a unique voice that needs to be heard.

Would you like to contribute?

Advantages for You:

  • Featured blog post will include your name, short bio, and a link back to your blog or website.
  • Blog posts will be promoted across Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Facebook and Pinterest.
  • This is an excellent way for you to promote your blog or business!
  • Being a guest contributor helps to distinguish you as an expert in your field.
  • Contributors will get to display a photo, short bio, and active link at the end of their article.
  • Ideally you will contribute at least once every six (6) weeks.



  • Your article should be written with our target audience in mind – Generation X and Baby Boomer women, who are entrepeneurs (mompreneurs) or career women and if it applies, are dealing with marriage and/or family life (raising children)
  • All articles must be in English, with proper grammar, and spelling usage.
  • All content must be ORIGINAL — absolutely no republished posts. You can write a topic you have written about on your site but it must be rewritten for this site.
  • Articles must be edited before submission.
  • Please send your article over in a Word Document.
  • Write a catchy title, a short bio, a link to your site and good formatting and structure.
  • Length must be a minimum of 600 word up to a maximum of 1,200 words.
  • Contributors should reply to comments left on their article and give answers rather than refer them back to your site for an answers.
  • Absolutely no promotional or links will be allowed within the editorial content. Only informational links that enhance the article will be allowed. At the end of your article, you will be allowed to include a short bio and you can mention your blog or website
  • No affiliate links allowed.


Topics (all with a view to the target GenX or Baby Boomer Audience):

  • Being a GenX or Baby Boomer working mother
  • Solopreneurship
  • Being a Business Owner
  • Financial Funding
  • Tax Issues for Small Businesses
  • Entrepreneurship and Motherhood
  • Entrepreneurship and Marriage
  • Being a Married Career Woman
  • Feminism/Womanism
  • Being a GenX or Baby Boomer Woman of Color as a Mother, Working Mother and/or Wife
  • Singlehood/Single motherhood (as a Career Woman or Entrepreneur)
  • Midlife
  • Work Life Blend, Time Management, Productivity
  • Using Technology (internet, old or new apps, software, hardware etc)

You get the idea.

To be considered for guest blogging, please introduce yourself via email and submit 2-3 themes for articles. Please send your request to clemmensenpowell (at) gmail (dot) com. with the subject “Black Mom Blogger (Your Name)”


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