ANNOUNCEMENT – A New Inclusive Community

We are all spiritual beings on a very human journey in this world. We are of different and diverse colors, ethnicities, religions, civil statuses, creeds and philosophies. However, in the space that we label as spirituality/wellness/personal growth,  women of color and women in midlife or older have not been included. Their presence and voice has been silenced or excluded. Now it will change.

This year in this space, I am opening this space for an INCLUSIVE, loving, respectful enlightening and empowering community. It is my intention as it has been for two decades, to serve you. This I will now do though services and products as well as podcast with solo rounds and interviews on topics covering , wellness in all forms, spirituality, culture, ethnicity, personal growth, professional development and business/entrepreneurship.

I am doing interviews for the podcast now and creating solo rounds and shorts  – all of which will be uploaded to the site and available to you for free. There will be a lot of free content that reflects the voices, perspectives and experiences of women of all ethnicities. This will be groundbreaking in the spirituality/wellness personal growth field on the internet.There will also be courses in which you can enroll and learn something new, free webinars and the addition of a paid membership community.

Finally, I am looking forward to serving you and opening the space to all women. I will keep you updated!

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