Are You Wasting Time?

Time is limited. We have a finite amount of it in each our lives. We must make decisions about many things and the best use of our time — even when it is to play!

According to the Wall Street Journal, Americans overall are working less and sleeping more than they were a decade ago, trends that point to an aging population and fewer people in the workforce. But among those who have a job, people are working more. And in general, men spend more time than women on leisure activities, while women sleep about a half-hour more each day.

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The average American spent 3 hours and 32 minutes a day working or commuting to work last year, including weekends. That’s down from 3 hours and 42 minutes in 2005 and is four minutes less than in 2014. Meanwhile, Americans slept an average of 8 hours and 50 minutes a day in 2015, 13 minutes more than a decade earlier and two minutes more than in 2014. Leisure time—5 hours and 13 minutes a day on activities including watching television, socializing and exercise—fell by five minutes from 2014 but is still five minutes more than a decade earlier.

And then there are the 7 ways successful people spend their time.

I thought about this as I prepared a presentation the other day that would be heard by prospective clients. I always think about who I want to serve and who is best served by me.

Is it Time?

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