Buy Now, See You In September

Buy Now, See You In September

It is August — the time of the year when we experience the very best hot days of summer!!  People more deeply immerse themselves in their summer vacations and summer routines. Teachers prepare for school and begin teaching and children must go back to class (which means school shopping!). It is the time when many in medical professions take vacation. People want to truly RELAX

So here is my offer: buy your coaching program now & get 50% off lifespan consulting and coaching for people turning 30 (Commitment), turning 40 (, turning 50 and turning 60 OR the Fresh Start work-life blend program. After you have purchased your program, I will be in touch via email  so we can schedule your first session. Schedule to start anytime after September 14.

Avoid #crisis (especially midlife crisis) stress and depression and make the decision to .change your life by working with me!

Fresh Start – Work-life Blend

Lifespan Programs

Now 50% Off

**If you want a good summer novel you might also want to pick a copy of Judith Rossner’s “August”.

August– Kindle Edition

August – Paperback

Either way – enjoy your August!


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