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Spirituality, Depression and Suicide: Make Time For Pain

Over the summer of 2018, the suicides of two celebrities — the fashion designer Kate Spade, and then the chef Anthony Bourdain — stunned the world. Their deaths prompted a global outpouring of emotion with great depth. Ms. Spade’s fans recounted how her bright handbags were their first adult big-ticket purchase. And our TV critic […]


The Discipline of Self Care

You must take good care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else. When your cup is full, you can offer yourself to others and give your best. This is phenomenal alignment. This is phenomenal living. This is success. Women – you especially need to know and practice this everyday. (Men do it […]

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Love, Creativity & Business: A Conversation with Maria Rodale

If you want to hear about the journey of someone who has managed to combine love, creativity and business into a great life, then you will enjoy this podcast with retiring Rodale Inc. CEO, Maria Rodale. A consummate businessperson, mother of three and author in midlife, Rodale has great insight, humor and wisdom about a […]