Christmas Gifts For You

The fourth Advent candle has been lit and we are now in the last week of the season. Christmas is next Sunday (and Hanukkah occurs on Christmas Eve!). That means it is a time to give Christmas gifts and Hanukkah gifts. I have some gifts for you!

New Online Academy Coming!

In the new year I am launching an online academy of learning that will benefit you with courses in the areas of integrative spirituality, counseling and coaching, culture, professional competency, personal growth, and some fun topics that are all about sharing my knowledge with you. You will get:

  • discounts on courses covering women’s leadership, alternative spirituality,  lifespan transitions, culture and more
  • access to monthly live webinars
  • opportunity to win free courses
  • discounts on in-person workshops

In anticipation of the academy,  I want to invite you to join my tribe and subscribe to the academy of learning by December 31, 2017. Right now you can get all this for the low introductory enrollment fee of $50 and  because you are enrolling before 2017, your monthly subscription fee will cost you only $20 per month.

There’s More! – Gifts For You

Not only that, I have some gifts for you now! While you wait for the academy to launch here on this website, you can take the courses I have currently created for you, for only $10 this week. From next Monday, December 19 through Friday December 23, you can enroll in and take these courses at a great discount, using the link below. if the link does not add the discount, use the code BCPXMAS10


Change your life personally and professionally in one month. Yes, one month! How? By taking this course and following the effective and fun strategies you will find in it.  Click the link and enroll!

30 Ways To Transform Your Life




If you or a loved one are between ages 37-44 you are in early midlife. It is a solid foot in adulthood and a place in life where you will travel some journeys that will forever change your life. It is your opportunity to create true success in life — and it is not only about money! This course will empower you in understanding the challenges and changes and give you the ability to consciously create a smooth midlife transition instead of a turbulent midlife crisis. Click the link and enroll!

Turning 40: Opportunity For Success


Women are born to be leaders. They only need to draw on their natural power to bring forth the excellence they have within themselves. This course integrates sound leadership principles with psychology and the spirituality and mythology of the Eastern dragon. Taken from a live workshop that I created and taught in the USA and Europe, it is the first in a series. Click to enroll!

Here Be Dragons #1: Women’s Leadership Empowerment



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