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Come Home

Today, July 2, 2019, is a major day spiritually for all of us. Today I challenge you to get a fresh start when it comes to creating new traditions in your family (whatever your family structure).
Now is the time to disrupt inter-generational trauma and put and end to unhealthy and unwise patterns and behaviors. It is time to COME HOME to yourself.
Things that need to be healed come to the surface and often in the most surprising ways. Many people do not realize they have disassociated from their bodies and their lives because of emotional and psychological wounds over the years. Now is the time to make peace within yourself about who you are and what you want to do with this given life. Now is the time to settle back into your body, spirit and mind. Create your own safe space and move into it.
Now is the time to claim what you have learned, how you have grown and then integrate your learning!
Let this resonate with you and book a session with me to address whatever is affecting your home and family because it is affecting your business, income and career, too! When you have a peaceful, loving , safe and secure place from which to base yourself. your business and career life thrives! Come home to yourself.
And remember…it is very important for you to tune into your goals, desires and dreams today under this eclipse and also in the coming month.

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