Still Rising

“There is no

FORCE equal to a WOMAN

determined to



Are you experiencing aggressive or negative unsupportive behaviors from others multiple times in a day or week because of your gender or ethnicity?

Do you crave freedom in your life and business but feel trapped, blocked and dissatisfied?

Do you lack support from family, friends and your network as an entrepreneurial businesswoman?


IMAGINE a life where you have time to take care of your physical and spiritual well being.

IMAGINE your day includes emotional and psychological support that helps you achieve your goals despite obstacles.

IMAGINE a life where you are supported as a woman and a business owner. 

IMAGINE a life where you have a toolkit of resources, wisdom and knowledge that gives you freedom and fulfillment. 


is the SOLUTION. It offers training in the key skill you need to triumph in the face of the challenges of your daily reality.


What makes this course different?

Still Rising, is a unique course designed by global entrepreneur and spiritual director Barrett Clemmensen Powell M.Div. She is an experienced professional woman and person of color who has been helping people on a global scale for nearly 25 years. The course is inspired by the late poet laureate Dr. Maya Angelou.


What can you expect from taking this course?

You will achieve better well being on all levels – spiritual, emotional, physical and psychological. That will positively impact your business (your financial well being) and your overall life satisfaction.


How will you learn?

This is a video course with handouts you can use for further learning.


What is the cost of this course?

Your investment in your business and in boosting your professional life and personal well being is minimal


Who is this course for?

This course is for women entrepreneurs/solopreneurs and business owners who want to improve their stamina, boost their business and have better overall well being. What you learn will serve you well for a lifetime.


Why do you need this course right now?

This course teaches a vital skill you need to endure and be triumphant in the midst of crisis, global health pandemic, political turmoil, social unrest and the everyday microaggressions that are a fact of life for women/women of color business owners.

STILL RISING will help you both boss up and change the game AND create your best life no matter what happens around you or to you.


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