Determination, Dedication, Discipline

Life is all about the choices we make. When we are dealt harsh circumstances, obstacles are put in our way, or the ground dissolves beneath our feet — we have the free will to choose how we respond to the situation or person.

Coming Through Struggle

I am often personally reminded of this. I go through the same struggles as everyone else.  People assume I am perfect and that I do not have the same feelings and desires as others because of my spiritual stance in life. Of course that is absolutely wrong and rather absurd to think of anyone. However, admittedly after some years of experience, I do not have all of the same struggles as my clients, readers and fans. Thankfully, for my body/mind/spirit, I have learned lessons and matured. However, I still have some struggles that are quite the same. As a leader, I strive for excellence every day so I make it my goal to have a better, more mature response each time and to bounce back quicker. Some things no longer cause me pause for even a second. I am on a journey in this lifetime and on that journey I make three things primary in my life:




Ernestine Shepherd is a woman I admire and intend to be like as I get older. She began weightlifting in her 50s  when she was out of shape, middle-aged and a complete stranger to the gym. Now in her 80s has won championships and awards. She not only weightlifts daily, she runs three days a week and she works as a personal trainer, She is an inspiration. She has three keywords that drive her: determination, dedication and discipline.

Ernestine Shepherd – Age is Nothing But a Number

Ernestine Shepherd, Guiness World Record Oldest Female Bodybuilder
Ernestine Shepherd, Guiness World Record Oldest Female Bodybuilder


This is where you set your intention for your life and the goals over the course of it.  What is you intention for your life? Do you want to achieve excellence, live a loving life, full of loving people and do some certain thing in your life? Do you want to be married to a wonderful woman or man? Do you want a family? Set the intention. This is the begining of manifesting.


This is where you stay clear out all the other things This is where you remove the distractions, eliminate the weaknesses and woman-up/man up. This is where you put your pursuit of a love-filled life, or a healthy body, or a career achievement at the forefront. You dedicate yourself to this thing. You put it as a top priority. You decide what must be done to dedicate yourself to this goal. This is where you place your heart. When distractions and discouragements come, you re-dedicate yourself. You never give up. This greases the wheels of progress in manfesting.


This is where you get up every day and do what it takes to achieve the goal. This is where you treat the women you love or the man you love with respect, and adoration and you demonstrate your love. This is where you life those weights every day or go for a run every day . This is where you eat healthy meals every day. This is where you study for 4 hours a day to achieve those high grades. This is where you practice piano or guitar every day so you can be the musician you desire. This tells the Universe/God/Creator you are serious and you can be sure you will manifest the best for your life.


So there you have it. You have the choice to respond to life any way you decide to respond. If you choose Determination, dedication and discipline in pursuit of excellent things in life, you will rise above the mediocrity that most people choose to live and you will manifest great things.

You can read Ernestine Shepherd’s website here: Ernestine Shepherd

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