Early Midlife, the Myth of Ouranus and Change

Early Midlife, the Myth of Ouranus and Change

Midlife Opp Book Cover 2013-1The Myth of Ouranus

The god Ouranus was the embodiment of the sky or heavens, and known as the god of the sky. He was the first son of Gaia (the earth) and he also became her husband. According to Hesiod, their children included the Titans: six sons and six daughters and over a dozen other offspring. Uranus had a high sex drive and Gaia was constantly pregnant.

According to myth, Ouranus enjoyed reproducing, but did not want to see his many children, so he hid them away in the bowels of the earth, meaning inside Gaia, causing her intense pain. The discomfort became so great that she asked her sons to castrate Ouranus. Only her youngest son, Cronus, agreed to help her castrate his father, ending his fertility and the creation of more children. To accomplish this, Gaia fashioned a sickle and gave it to her son. That night, when Ouranus came to have sex with Gaia, his son Cronus ambushed him in bed and shockingly sliced off Ouranus’ testicles. Talk about lightning bolts of sudden outrage, pain and distress! The blood that fell from the open wound spawned nymphs and giants, and when Cronus threw the severed testicles into the sea a white foam appeared and gave birth to the goddess of love and desire, Aphrodite.

The emasculated Ouranus, ruler of the sky, then separated from Gaia, ruler of the earth (who wouldn’t after your mate had your testicles sliced off by your son?). However, ? in a bizarre twist only mythology could imagine ? they later came together in deciding that as a punishment for emasculating his father on his mother’s orders, Cronus would one day be overthrown by his children. Cronus later became king of the gods and in fear of the prediction, ate his children to prevent them from emasculating and deposing him.  But his plan failed as one son, Zeus, later did, in a karmic twist, depose his father and became the supreme god of the Greek Pantheon.

Early Midlife Journey: The Only Constant is Change

It can feel as though lightning bolts are coursing through your body and zapping your relationships, your career and everything in your life. It is not a pleasant feeling. But when lightning comes it also sheds light, temporarily, and that is where the gift of The Journey of Change can be found. It reveals the hidden things you have put away and need to reclaim. It shows your new direction.

The Journey of Change is about leaving behind the “shoulds” imposed by others and integrating your authentic self – even if that mean being rebellious and opposing a teacher, mentor, confining job or a stagnant marriage. This is a time when you are very willing to risk it all to individuate. This is when you start to wonder whether what you’ve been doing with your life up until that time is what you really intended to do.

“Is this all there is?” This question is quite common at this time – and if you are honest with yourself, the answer is always NO. Now you can step out into the wild realm of opportunities and make a new beginning.

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