Empowered Feminine and Masculine

Cultures are different. One of the ways it is expressed is in gender roles. I have spent the majority of the last decade living in Copenhagen, Denmark, where there is supposedly an enlightened ways of relating between men and women. Most certainly it elevates Danish ways of courtship, dating and marriage over that which is in American culture, which it considers very patriarchal. But after a decade of research, observing everyday practices and relationships and seeing Danish relationships from within, I think there is much merit to a more American style – women being empowered in their feminine energy and men being empowered in their masculine energy. 

The Interplay of the Feminine and Masculine

This is not about accepting patriarchy. In fact, I have no tolerance for patriarchal ways of being and culture. What I do believe is that  it is to look at male-female relationships to better understand how a woman can be authentic, attain excellence, be a leader and have satisfying intimate relationships. I have bene thinking a lot about this lately in relation to people who have called me for relationship assistance and my own relationship life and history.

Let’s get primal: A man shows his masculinity to a woman by being the best hunter, by initative, by strategizing and beating out other opponents. He shows he can protect and provide if there is a threat to her and/or the family. In American culture a man shows his masculinity when he plans a date and allows her to relax, connect with him and enjoy the time together. A man shows his masculinity when he has some vision for his life, some direction. It makes him appear stable, reliable and capable of deep love. It is attractive. Pursue. Protect. Provide. That is what the empowred feminine energy is expecting from the empowered masculine energy. Giordana Tocaceli writes in more detail about this in “How Masculine Men Protect Women’s Female Energy”

Enlightened Thought on Feminine and Masculine Ways of Being

John Wineland works with men on  their masculine energy. I want to share four videos with you that I hope will provoke some serious thoughts and responses rom you. I would like to hear what you think!








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