Empowered Woman Mastermind

Mastermind: Power, Purpose and Prosperity

We are in the darkest of days in the calendar of the year. The light will begin returning on January 6. Use this time to reflect and prepare. As you have read in December, a new mastermind will begin on January 17, 2018. (We will actually gather for an informal energy raising on the evening of January 16, 2018).

Empowering You

This mastermind is an opportunity for you as a woman to grow in power, and prosperity and to create your purpose while addressing the issues that are relevant to your age/time of life. You can read about the different periods of life here : Commitment (turning 30), Opportunity (late 30s into the 40)s, Legacy (entering the 50s) and Wisdom (56+).

Preview: Free 10 Day Challenge

You can get a taste of this mastermind through a FREE offering. From January 6 (Epiphany) and for 10 days leading up to the mastermind, I will offer a FREE Empowered Woman Challenge to prepare you for the mastermind.

You will receive tools in this challenge and in the 4-week mastermind that will be

  • practical
  • attainable
  • effective
  • spiritually enriching
  • physically strengthening
  • psychologically boosting

Join me for the FREE 10 Day Power, Prosperity and Purpose Challenge that starts January 6. Ready to enroll? Send an email to bcpconsults[at} with the subject line 10 Day Challenge to enroll no later than January 5.

Everyone enrolled in the challenge is eligible to win a FREE seat in the mastermind (a $1497 value).


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