The Empress – Embrace Your Inner Dragon

The Empress – Embrace Your Inner Dragon

Many thousands of years ago, the Jade Emperor decided to celebrate his birthday. As part of of it, he created The Great Race, in which all the animals would compete. In this story we learn of the nature of the Dragon and why The Dragon represents leadership and excellence within in it.

The Great Race

As the story goes, The Great Race loomed just on the horizon and the Cat and the Rat were best of friends. Together, the two of them hatched a plan to ride the Ox across the river together. They knew the large and hardy Ox was accustomed to crossing rivers and would likely finish first.

At the start of the race, the two animals slipped atop the Ox. Being rather thick-headed, the Ox was oblivious to the two animals atop him. But, as the Cat and the Rat rode atop the Ox, the Rat jolted abruptly forward. The sudden force sent the Cat flying off the Ox and into the river. The Cat let out a piercing hiss directed at the Rat, but by then, it was too late, and the Ox, with the Rat atop, was already too far ahead of the Cat.

Even to this this day, Cat still holds a grudge against Rat. This is why Cat hates water and hunts Rat every time he sees him!

The Ox lumbered towards the finish line. The Ox was going to come first. Suddenly, the Rat lept from Ox’s back and crossed the finish-line first. The Ox crossed the finish line a moment later. However, the Ox was too placid to make a big fuss.

Water splashed forth from the river. The Tiger had burst from beneath the water, his coat sopping wet. The water had weighed the proud Tiger down, but the well-muscled Tiger pushed forth in spite of the burden, hind legs rippling with tense firmness. His huge paw prints bore down on the damp muddy shore and with one final fierce stride, the Tiger claimed the third spot in the Zodiac.

The Jade Emperor watched as the trio of Rat, Ox, and Tiger crossed the finish. He applauded them. They would be the first three animals of the Zodiac.

The Rabbit stood perched upon a rock in the river. He was only lagging slightly behind the Tiger. River water lapped up at his paws. The Rabbit let out soft huffs and heaves. He had been trying desperately to keep up with the Tiger. Despite the Rabbit’s small stature, he had kept pace, leaping from one rock to another so he could quickly cross the river. A long trail of rocks jutted up from the river bed. As worry overtook the Rabbit, the Rabbit hastened his motions, pulling back hurriedly on his strong hind legs.

The Rabbit feared that if he did not pick up his pace, another animal might seize the fourth spot from him. Suddenly, the Rabbit slipped, tumbling back-first into the murky waters of the river. The Rabbit’s thoughts began to race. Would he even be able to finish in time?

A moment later the Rabbit’s eyes widened. A log was floating slowly by. Nearly leaping up from the river, the Rabbit sped into a wild paddle, water flying up around him. He pressed both paws to the log, clinging on as tightly as he could muster.

Alas, the log was barely moving, bobbing complacently in the water. A sudden gust stirred thickly in the air, sending the log hurdling down the river. The Rabbit’s heart throbbed in slow motion as the log drifted towards the shore where the finish line was. The Rabbit’s pulse gradually slowed, seemingly one beat at a time, as he neared the shore, a deep-seated feeling of relief overtaking him. The Rabbit peered backwards as he floated closer to shore. No other animals were in sight. The Rabbit hopped right across the finish line

The Rabbit did not stop as he passed the Jade Emperor. The Emperor was smiling at the Rabbit with a generous grin. The Rabbit passed rice paddies as he made his way towards the forest. Reaching a shaded and secluded thicket the Rabbit collapsed into a tiny heap of white fur. A mix of relief and exhilaration had seeped through his being, replacing the disappointment he had felt about only getting fourth place.

Over the finish line the Dragon soared swiftly, moving in a majestic aerial stride as it shimmied through the clouds, his long tail streaming and lashing about the placid sky, wind racing past him. As the Dragon made his rapid descent, the clouds seemed to part. The Jade Emperor stood awaiting the great creature. Why has the Dragon not come in first place? he wondered. When the Jade Emperor addressed the Dragon, he began to explain the circumstances that had befallen him.

“Exalted Jade Emperor ~ on my way I saw several villagers that were in trouble. A fire had ignited amidst their crops and they had been surrounded in a circle of blaze. I knew that my spot in the Zodiac was on the line, but I could not stand by and watch. To put out the flames, I used my breath to extinguish the blaze, snuffing it out like a flickering candle. I had to be careful though. I did not want to also sweep the villagers up in this gale of my own creation. I also saw a tiny Rabbit in the river clinging to a log, so I used my breath to push it to shore.”

The Jade Emperor smiled again. He was well acquainted with the Dragon’s nature. He was not disappointed in him.

As the Dragon and the Jade Emperor spoke, the Horse was in the midst of galloping across the river, splashing up water as her hooves moved like beating pistons through the ankle deep water, beads of mist silhouetting her strong equestrian form……

Dragons As Leaders

In Chinese spirituality, Dragons represent leaders – those who carry great power and strength and use it to serve others and the greater good. Dragons pursue excellence in all they do. Because of their knowledge, power and capability, people are willing to take orders from them. They are also ambitious, and have a strong drive to realize their dreams. They are adventurous. They are dramatic, dynamic and high-spirited – people find them to be  magnetic, motivating and inspiring. Once goals are settled, they will try their best to fight for success. Their eloquence and passion make their speech authoritative. They seem to have endless energy, and seldom feel exhausted. They have another gift – their innate ability to attract money and other abundance, which will help them achieve their goals. They are people of charm and glamor, so they can always win another’s heart easily. This is quite simply, an honest charm. Dragons are open-hearted but withdraw into their “Cave” and become quite elusive when needing to heal, study or retreat from those who are harmful to them. They only re-emerge when they have finished doing what must be done on solitude.

They can take advantage of their natural good fortune to build their career successfully. With brilliant leadership, they can always play an important role in work. They are full of energy, and they can devote themselves to work and never feel exhausted. Dragon leadership can be seen as arrogant because they are so naturally confident, albeit very sensitive. People can resent and fear them because they are extremely creative with great imaginations and prolific abilities in producing new innovations and methods.

Dragons can become frustrated and angry when their creativity is hampered, when people intentionally work to thwart them in their leadership efforts. They must always keep in mind that they must check their “fire” and not arm others with their fire and passion.

Powerful Feminine Leadership

Did you think being a leader was simpler than this?

Did you think being a woman and being a leader are somehow incompatible?

While these characteristics describe the Dragon, they also clearly describe what it means to BE a woman who is effective, powerful leader. Whether a homemaker, career woman, entrepreneur, business leader, philanthropist etc you are a leader and innately have immense power. If you want to be the best leader you can be, you will embrace all the characteristics listed above. You will embrace excellence. You will embrace your inner Dragon.

The Empress Advantage

Your desire to be an effective and powerful leader in your home, work and community of influence (locally or globally) is a desire to have the Empress Advantage. It requires that you embrace your inner Dragon – to be an Empress Dragon. I am here to help you rise above mediocrity and the same old thing to evolve into a powerful feminine leader. You powerful feminine leadership will enhance your life, increase your effectiveness and exponentially radiate it to a wider community. We will work through the challenges and blocks that are keeping you stuck on a personal and professional level. You will experience change on every level.

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