EuroBabe On The Move #2

November 29

Well I arrived in London after about 35 hours of travel..the LONG way to the UK/Europe. I stayed at a great little hostel near Hyde Park. Got my exercise too by walking up and down the six flights of rickety staircase to the attic room that I was put in. I have never found English food to be all that, um, thrilling, I tend to end up eating a lot of fish, chips and beer at pubs, or going to get Indian food. They do Indian food quite well here…..and some Chinese places.

If you ever get to London, be sure to see the Royal Albert Hall, Victoria and Albert Museum and the Natural History Museum….and of course the British Museum. Hyde Park is a cool place….its a big soapbox area on Sundays. If you have something to say you can say it there and even if you are making no sense at all, someone will be there crowding around to listen.

Lots of pierced people…pierced in pretty much every place you can pierce. Makes you want you join in the festivities…but I think I will let my toe ring suffice for my foray into body art.

I went to Pizza Hut to eat dinner……they have no buffalo wings! Instead of serving you 12 pieces of buffalo wings, they give you 6 pieces of roasted wings and a little tub of barbeque sauce to dip them.

Riding the Underground (subway) I always happen to notice that people look rather dour and depressed. But I think that is a universal subway-riding affliction.

I only stayed in London one night and then took a flight out to Frankfurt, Germany. Met a great Australian woman on board and now I have a place to stay when I choose to visit there.

The little German town I am staying in has an amazing lack of pattern or organization to its streets. It seems you can construct a house or building just anywhere it would fit. My relatives here got a really nice place with two terraces and some incredible basements and subbasements. Yesterday I got to drive my Uncle’s Saab on part of the AutoBahn. But the real thrill was the Harley he has rebuilt. Damn you shuld see this thing! 1000 cc’s and it is incredible.

Thanksgiving was good…….met some native of whom made a German chocolate ckae that was like buttah! I ate 2 plates of food. I slept, I ate some more. It was good.

Well, today it is raining and we are going to walk around town and on the weekend go to some Christmas markets.

Check in with you later!

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