EuroBabe On The Move #3

November 30

A cold and rainy day here in Dettelbach. I slept a lot, ate some and then we walked around Dettelbach intself and I got some nice photos to take home. Tomorrow starts the Christmas market here in Dettelbach and probably also in nearby Kitzingen. I read on a poster that Herr Nicolaus would be coming…so I am ready to sit on Santa’s lap.

People wear lots of leather here…and either hard heavy boots or high-heeled pointy ones. The latest fashions reign supreme over any weather. The fields and such nearby are lush and green. I guess winter has not yet set in….

We went to the movies yesterday and if you think our 10 minutes of previews is bad, try 30 minutes of commercials – all beer/liquor, cigarettes and cologne. But now I have seen the new James Bond movie. It is just as good as ever.

Well, I am off to bed………

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