EuroBabe On The Move #4

December 8

The Christmas market in Dettelbach and the one in Kitzingen were great. My cousin bought and ate something called a dumfling…it looked like a HUGE ball of uncooked white dough covered in white vanilla sauce. About the size of a grapefruit. It was cooked however and was apparently pretty good. I could only look at the inside, which appeared to be some sort of chocolate and cake and jam.

The flight from Frankfurt to Oslo, Norway was great and when we landed I got to be in the first serious snow I have seen in over a dozen years. White, white, white and cold!! We took an express bus to the center of Oslo. The scenery was pretty on the way. Oslo appears to be much like most cities, but it was dark when I arrived. I took a train from there to Bergen and have been here in Bergen, Norway for about a week .

It’s a beautiful city and I have a great apartment rented for the week right in the center. We took a funicular ride the other day and overlooked the city and much of Western Norway itself. We also went to a few museums where I have seen some ancient Viking ruins (and runes/runesticks). 7-11 has apparently discovered Norway in the last six months and they are on almost every corner, sort of like a convenience store. God for midnight junk food runs. I have taken about 3 rolls of film. Got some great ones out near a man-made lake in the center of heh city near the train station. One is of a little boy appearing to be crying – probably because he is naked and it is below freezing!!! Had some great sushi and hopefully tomorrow we will have a traditional Norwegian dinner.

Well, I am off to a cafe to grab some coffee and read a bit while my “personal tour guide” is working. See you later!

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