Finding the Groove, Doing the Dance

Finding the Groove, Doing the Dance

I hope all is well in your part of the world! I am gearing up for my Year 2016 and as usual, rather than making resolutions, I spend weeks formulating my goals, focusing on the energy around and within me and then I create a vision. I am expecting the upcoming year to be an awesome one and most of the year I will be laying the groundwork for future success. Along the way I intend to enjoy 2016. How about you?

A year of joy, fun, festivities, celebration, good food and much time spent with wonderful friends and acquaintances. This is what my 2016 will hold according to the adage that how you spend New Year’s Eve and who you spend it with reveals your upcoming year. How does that appear in your life?

Doing Your Unique Dance

I attended a New Year’s Eve party and ended up being the DJ for a while to get people dancing when it seemed things were dying. I took us a few hours up to midnight and then a few hours afterwards. People were amazed at my mix, at my ability…and that it was ME doing it. I was playing song after song that made it impossible for people NOT to dance, instinctively finding the right beat for the moment and easily helping people move from one tempo to another, as well as knowing when to pick up the pace and when to slow it down and chill out.

There were two women and one man in the group, Anna, Regitze and Daniel, who I particularly watched dance. I have seen them dance two or three times now, and I especially enjoy it. I mean it gives me joy in the center of my being to see them just let loose and really dance. They don’t dance in the same way others do. Each of them has a spark in them that comes through and explodes in a wild “legs and arms akimbo” marriage with the beat. Through their bodies they move their bodies here, there and THERE and get down into the music. It was earthy, sexy, divine, joyful. They are very unique in their dance styles. I felt honored to see them release their anima and animus

I was in the groove…and it felt magical to see people find the music within themselves and dance all kinds of dances. It is just one of the tools hidden away in my bag. I was a DJ for the house parties among my high school crowd. Those days are long gone but not my gifts, skills and abilities.

At the most unexpected moments I can make magic.

I can empower people to make magic, too, and find great joy in their lives.

I am ready to empower you so you can find YOUR groove and do YOUR unique dance.

Making magic that empowers people to find the music in themselves, do their unique dance and manifest their success. That is my groove, my dance.

That is my thing.

I look forward to doing that for you in 2016.


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