First the Thunder, Then the Rain

Yesterday I experienced both a rainy day and a Monday, like the famous song. But it was not exactly like the song

I wrote last week about a Thunderclap campaign I was doing on social media to get support from people for a message about two important things: a women’s event I am hosting in San Diego on August 27 & 28 and a children’s book I am publishing. I spoke about the need to consciously pronounce my desire for the support and then to believe and receive. The Thunderclaps happened. Now, the rain is falling…and getting harder.

I did not ask people for support any longer. I let them find the tweets and posts to support me and I went about my business, confident of the outcome. The Thunderclaps went off without a hitch and Twitter and Facebook was alight with news of my event and book. People have begun asking me about buying the book. Book pre-orders have begun to get placed.  People are on fire about the book. Tickets are being bought for Thrive! SAN DIEGO 2015 at the 60% discount price (they increase $100 on August 1).

But more and better than that positive unexpected abundance bonuses are falling out of the sky:

  • I made a connection with a woman who runs an organization  that does exactly what I was planning to do AND which is related to the children’s book I have written. We strategized and will now collaborate and cross-promote one another with no exchange of money, yet we will both profit financially and in exposure
  • I have been requested to ghostwrite a children’s book
  • I have nearly completed another online learning course
  • I made a month’s income in a half day with 2 new clients

Releasing the energy and letting things flow, as I knew it would, brought me all I desired and more. Manifestation is complete and my cup is overflowing!

In the last three weeks, I was also asked if I would come to a university in India and be a guest lecturer, teaching a Master’s class for a short period. This came after voicing that I want to have opportunity to teach at university again. I opened myself to it with the knowledge that I do not want to teach fulltime at a university. After asking, out of the blue, because of a chat with a stranger that I initiated, I have received an offer to teach, yet retain my freedom to do other things.

Spiritual entrepreneurship – the Law of Allowance, letting Spirit flow and do its work –  brings these kinds of results. Now, I get to once again fulfill my motto of “Spread Love, Make Money, Change the World”.

Into everyone’s life a little rain must fall, they say. There is also a song about showers of blessings. I own galoshes and a rain coat with a hood so I say, BRING IT ON!

I will be outside puddle-jumping if you need me!

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I have made so many contact now with other authors, in addition to PR and marketing people and then, simply people interested in reading etc. I think the Thunderclap and HeadTalker platforms also allow you open up to others about what you are working on and get support even beyond asking for a vote. I think people like to be able to give when they are perhaps not able to do so financially.

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