Fresh Start

Do you need a fresh start in successfully combining the spiritual, physical, material, emotional and psychological aspects of life that are vital to achieving work/life integration?I can help you do that but it is only addressing the “self” aspect of work/life integration. Once you have done that, you need to balance and integrate the self with family, work, play, and the social (friends and community) areas of life.

In our high-tech, fast-paced world most people barely achieve a focus on one aspect of themselves or one area of life. Sometimes this is because we lack resources and sometimes this is because we feel we lack time; sometimes this is because we feel we lack resources.

Being an entrepreneur, mompreneur or simply being self-employed and trying to live a holistic, integrated life is a challenge.

However there IS a solution.

You can get a FRESH START and begin reshaping your life so that you are living a life that is balanced in all areas and those areas are all integrated within you.

Work with me today in my FRESH START program. It will result in skills and knowledge to attain:

  • High quality relationships
  • Better project management
  • Time management and increased productivity
  • Reduced stress and better stress management
  • More peace and joy in your daily life
  • More value and balance in your daily life
  • Better understanding of what good work-life integration looks like in your life

Sign up on the mailing list today and check “FRESH START” to get a free 30-minute introductory work/life integration session.

If you register for Thrive! SAN DIEGO 2015, by May 10, you will get a free 1:1 work/life integration session with me in the week following the event (between July 20-24).


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