Fresh Start

You live a high-powered life – career, volunteer and philanthropic activities, family responsibilities, maintaining friendships etc. But you feel burned out, maybe even overwhelmed, perhaps stuck. You need a change. You need a new beginning. Changing your life starts with  doing a new thing! If you want to change your work-life blend, I invite you to enroll in FRESH START.

Happy, healthy, satisfying, spiritually-integrated living is what you achieve through FRESH START. It is for people wanting to get their personal and professional lives integrated and who are willing to work as a team with me to achieve it. Do you need a fresh start in successfully combining the spiritual, physical, material, emotional and psychological aspects of life that are vital to achieving work/life integration? Are you a HIGH-POWERED and SPIRITUALLY HUNGRY person who wants CONFIDENTIAL and POWERFUL support? This is for YOU.

In our high-tech, fast-paced world most people barely achieve a focus on one aspect of themselves or one area of life. Sometimes this is because we feel we lack resources and sometimes this is because we feel we lack time; sometimes this is because we feel we lack a good network.

Integrated Living

Through FRESH START you can integrate the self with family, work, play, and the social (friends and community) areas of life. Trying to live a holistic, integrated life is a challenge. However, you can meet the challenge and succeed with FRESH START.

Social Media Burnout

With the advance of technology into all sectors of our lives, there has been an increase in social anxiety disorder among people worldwide. Privacy and time to simply “be” seems to be hard to find. People bring work home with them via the computer, stay online at all hours  and evaluate their self-worth according to who is “friending” or “unfriending” them. If the people they work or volunteer with do not associate with them or say something less than flattering about them (or who they date, are married to or associate with) they think their world will fall apart. They have difficulty functioning and withdraw into a superficial world of trying to please everyone on one hand and on the other hand, isolating themselves at home (or even going home to mother because of an inability to cope).

The internet has also figured into an increase in bullying and cyber-bullying, where people jealous of other people’s success, lifestyle and reputation use a combination of technology and in-person manipulations to monitor, attack and harm those people they wish to control or worse yet, destroy in some manner.

Spiritual Hunger

This has led to people exhausting themselves as they  try to be the perfect son/daughter, mother/father, girlfriend/boyfriend, colleague or friend. They struggle with meeting other people’s version of success. They do not get enough sleep, they worry excessively and panic, concerned with things that are not spiritually, emotionally, psychologically or physically beneficial to them. Often they are pretending to be happy and “positive”. They are not taking care of themselves spiritually and that has a negative emotional and physical effect. When you are well integrated, your spirituality, whatever it is (for we live in a deliciously diverse world) undergirds you.

Instead of getting caught up in, or remaining trapped by a distressful existence that saps your energy, let me help you unclutter your life and create an integrated whole worklife blend that empowers you! Let me help you create a structure for your life and a plan that WORKS.

Rather than obsessing about how much time you are spending in each zone of life and who approves of you, learn to make the perfect life “cocktail” for you. You want to have a blend that tastes good and satisfies you.

You need a fresh blend of the right ingredients for your life.

Fresh Start is especially for YOU if you are:

  • An entrepreneur or self-employed
  • mompreneur
  • Millennial (born 1984-2004) struggling to start adulthood on a good footing
  • Working and trying to keep your relationship or marriage healthy and/or raise a family

Creating and living a holistic work-life balance is possible and attainable. I work with colleagues and clients who do achieve it. It is not about perfection. It is about integration. You cannot only work. Being obsessed about work and having nothing else does not make you successful. You cannot think negatively, do nothing and expect life to be delivered on a silver platter. You need positive, productive, authentic people around you in both work and play. You cannot hide in your bed. Integrating the other parts of life – emotional, psychological, physical, spiritual etc brings success.

There IS a better solution than giving up, living in fear, burning out and breaking down.

You can get a FRESH START and begin reshaping your life so that you are living a life that is balanced in all areas and those areas are all integrated within you.

Work with me today in FRESH START. It will result in skills and knowledge to attain:

  • High quality relationships
  • Lower social anxiety
  • Better project management
  • Better time management
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced stress
  • More peace and joy in your daily life
  • More value and balance in your daily life
  • Better understanding of what good work-life integration looks like in your life



What happens in Fresh Start sessions?

The initial meeting is a “get acquainted session”. We talk a bit about ourselves. We discuss a potential agenda and then we have a short pre-coaching session to assess where you are emotionally, physically, spiritually and psychologically.

This is then combined with your first 90-minute  session

*you commit to making change

*you receive personalized one-to-one coaching

*we have a question and answer period

Ready? Set? Let’s GO!

Here’s How It Works:

– ONE in-depth telephone session

– PERSONAL attention

– FOCUSED on one topic per session

Our session includes:

GOAL ONE: Defining Work-Life Blend.  We learn to define authentic work-life balance and integration, followed by a review of your own work and life story. We take a look at your results thus far, as well as your goals and  determine where you need balance. We look at your spiritual path in life, where you have come from and where you want to be.

GOAL TWO: Creating Your Unique Vision. We work together in empowering you to create your unique clear vision for an integrated work and personal life. You will learn techniques for achieving goals that encompass enjoying your professional/career goals. You will learn techniques for timely project management and completion, as well as how to integrate your spirituality.

GOAL THREE Establishing Authentic Relationships. Here we work together on dealing with your relationships – including your relationship with social media. You will create effective positive use of social media in your work and real life relationship; you will be able to employ life management skills that empower you to assess your relationships and empowering you to formulate a strong support network and beneficial relationships. You will learn how to maximize quality time in your relationships: at work – with family – with friends – by yourself.

GOAL FOUR: Bringing It All Together. Here we bring together all the tools and strategies for integrating your professional goals with your personal life so you are not struggling to balance and juggling; but rather you are living a high-powered, active, spiritually satisfied and  integrated life full of peace, happiness and enjoyment, high productivity and abundance.

We work together on a personalized plan that empowers you in making your best blend of life. The cost is $197 per session

I am looking forward to partnering with you!

 Ready for your fresh start? Book your session now ($197)

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