Business Resilience

Monday Muse: RISE!

The world has changed so much and we must change with it – or in this global pandemic and economic downturn, simply and very likely, die. We must do a new thing and have a new vision.

Resilience Spirituality

Lighting Your Life

The season of winter light is upon us. A lot of candlighting happens and while it looks great, the twinkling can blind you to the deeper spiritual meaning behind the lighting we do. The twinkling candles of Diwali are lighting homes for five dark evenings starting today. For Hindus, Jains and Sikhs, the candlelighting of […]

Business Resilience Spirituality

Monday Muse: Magnificence and Mojitos

(Photo by Melissa Walker Horn on Unsplash) Everyday you do what you’ve got to do, working towards the realization of your dream. Then, one day, you find yourself sitting in Sitges, Spain sipping a mojito that is handmixed in your presence by the president of Bacardi, a direct descendant of this entrepreneur who began it […]


Monday Muse: Slavery, HR and You

Part of being a good friend is being a good listener. Sometimes you can give advice but most often it is best to LISTEN to your friends because the magic and the love is in being heard. Listening is how you learn who your friend really is, not how they may front to you and […]

Business General Spirituality

Monday Muse: Remembrance, Resilience and Doing the Right Thing

I have had a tough morning. A morning where I was actually crying so hard in the car that I could not drive. I thought I could make it to my synagogue and sit for a while there, pulling myself together. However I was crying to hard that I had to pull off the highway […]

Business Personal Growth Spirituality

Monday Muse: Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews, Shared Underpants and the Place Where Business and Justice Meet

Monday is the day I use to ease into the week. I hit the ground running on Tuesday. It is not like my Shabbat (sabbath) practice that starts on Friday evening at sunset until Saturday evening at sunset. I like to bring my body and mind fully to a week and let my thoughts and […]