YOU – you have been and are the focus of my life’s work for over 15 years. I have “been there, done that and bought the t-shirt” of a woman’s journey. I can help you heal and re-discover  your joy as well as restart.


Turning 50 is a profoundly transforming time of life and that can be a positive or negative experience. The separate journeys and collective life experience you have gained are all aspects of a major life change you undergo at this age between 49-52. There is a specific issue, a wound, if you will that comes to the forefront. Yet, this is a time of life when you should be getting underway with your mission and mission and purpose.

I know how to help you navigate the painful and confusing waters, have support as you do it, learn the lessons and create a legacy that is connected to your personal story.  You can rebound from feeling irreparably broken as you enter your 50s. In fact, if you work with me early enough, if you want it badly enough, I can help you avoid any unnecessary pain and become a empowered woman in her 50s. I work with women like YOU to empower you to transform personally and professionally. In this 1:1 lifespan strategy program, I am all about YOU.

In the Legacy life strategy program I work with women between 49-52 to deal with

  • avoiding unnecessary pain,
  • clarifying confusion,
  • anticipating changes and challenges,
  • healing and transforming from the life wound you carry
  • recognizing turning points and new opportunities.

In the Legacy program, over 8 weekly sessions,  will empower you to leave your mark on this world in a way that makes you content, excited and proud. Together we will put the smile back on your face, and that smile will come from your heart.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime work (you only live this age once!) and it is your launching point for another 50 years that are powerful, effective, abundant, satisfying and joyful.


You should work with me to become the integrated, whole, authentic and powerful person you are meant to be. Money and fame do not make you powerful. Being healed and whole, do. If you choose to work with me on a Legacy lifespan program, we will get down to source of what has risen to the surface and grabbed your attention. I will empower you to understand what is the TRUE source of your pain and the options you have for bringing healing to your life. Losing your job and being unemployed is NOT the real problem. Divorce is not the real problem.  Bad health is not the real problem. These are all only symptoms of a dis-ease.

In our work together, I journey with you as you bring out what has been hiding and remove the things holding you back. I will help you heal the wounds that need healing and open doorways for you to begin leaving a legacy to the generations to come. We will journey deep together so that you can come to understand what it is you have to teach others in this world and how, in some way through you experience and knowledge, you have a role in bringing healing and wholeness to a world sorely in need of it.

Are you ready to start living the rest of your life and living it well? Enroll today to start your transformation! Program length is 6 months of weekly sessions.


Full Payment of $2497 



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