We have now shifted into late autumn, closer to the end of the year, and a yearly ‘purge and plan period’ is needed, as entrepreneurs.

This is when growth planning should take place. Remember, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

I deeply want to see everyone succeed at achieving their wildest dream. I don’t want you to fail.

On December 7, 2018 the planning phase starts for many… as applications are now open for my inner circle mastermind, entitled ‘The RISE Mastermind’. The mastermind begins in 2019.

The RISE Mastermind is a small group limited to 25 entrepreneurs that I work with closer than any other group throughout the course of the year, all focused on creating profitable and resilient businesses & personal lives based around their strong ethical character, personal brands, experience, personality and the people that they serve.

You will be nurtured to success! In RISE, we will meet

  • in-person for two group retreats during the year
  • monthly for Group Coaching Hotseat calls,
  • quarterly for individual and private 1-on-1 Accountability Check-in calls, to ensure that targets are being reached!

You will be part of a group that intensely supports one another in succeeding.

Over the last two decades I have learned three important things as an entrepreneur: I must be resilient, I must position myself to be surrounded by other like-minded, heart-centered brilliant people AND that no one person has a monopoly on great ideas. The RISE Mastermind proves that, every day!

If the idea of working closely with me, and a select group of other heart-centered, passionate successful entrepreneurs (all committed to and focused on taking their businesses to the next level in 2019 and beyond), thrills you… then I would love to see you apply for a place, today..

If we agree you are a good fit for this high level of support and growth, you will be contacted by telephone so you can enroll.

To your greatness,