2What would you do if given the opportunity to avoid crisis and instead have a rewarding early midlife transition? Now is your chance.

When you reach early midlife you reach a significant turning point in life where you are given the opportunity to release the past and evolve further into your own authentic self. We commonly call this a crisis. However a crisis has two components – chaos AND opportunity. Viewing early midlife as an opportunity is the key to thriving and making it a successful time of life.

Your midlife opportunity between 37-44, is hallmarked by four significant transitions over approximately seven years. Since 1998 I have empowered thousands of women over the last 20+ years in business success and personal transformation through this program. They are richer and more satisfied financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Work With Me

I will work with you on these changes as part of your Opportunity program over 6 months of weekly sessions, each building the solid foundation and structure you need to grasp what each part of the journey is asking of you and options for how you can respond and thrive. Ready to start your program?

What will you get from this Opportunity program?

  • You will experience clarity instead of confusion.
  • You will avoid the pothole-filled road of emotional baggage and instead travel down a smoother road of empowering experiences.

I equip you to navigate the SPECIFIC minefields, obstacles, challenges and questions in your life so that

  • you gain greater confidence and competency
  • you transform into a person who with an integrated lifestyle and better wellbeing.

Emotional baggage or empowering experience? The choice is yours, so choose wisely.


Full Program – $2497

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