Got Wisdom?

Got Wisdom?

I have always enjoyed watching the milk commercials that ask the question “Got Milk?”. They are quite creative and often hysterically hilarious! They make you want to have and drink milk. Those commercials make you greatly desire to have milk, with all its nutritional and tasty benefits. Drinking a glass of milk this morning I found myself pondering a question I have been asking people the last nearly 20 years, regarding something else — wisdom.

wisdomsignpostIt made me reflect, once again on the fact that my entire life, I have known a man who with great humor and generosity of spirit has made people want to have and exemplify wisdom.

A Man of Wisdom

My brother recently died and his life was simply exemplary and extraordinary. He was a lionhearted man. At the services we held to say goodbye to him in this life, there were hundreds of people present and praise overflowing about the grand and glorious sunbeams of love and generosity, humor and positive energy he put forth in life and gave to others. His character, his values (family, friendship, fraternity, strong masculinity, perseverance, leadership and uplift of others), his ability to find or inject humor in any situation and the wisdom he attempted to share from his life experiences and his knowledge were invaluable.

One of the four age groups I work with in my lifespan consultation practice is people between 56-60 — a group I classify as “Wisdom”. My brother happened to be in this age group. He was blessed to know the number of his days, due to having cancer in his body. I say blessed because it made him, even more than ever before in his life, get busy with LIVING. He chose to cherish people and accomplish things. He chose to reflect on his life and its experiences and lessons as well as on what he had observed and been taught. There among his relationships with his family members, fraternity brothers, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, work colleagues and anyone who crossed his path, he found wisdom. Then he chose to share it. My brother blessed many people, including me, materially/physically, psychologically, spiritually and emotionally. We began collaborating on a wisdom project which I hope to complete soon. When he finally ended his journey in this physical life, it was in great peace.

So I ask you, especially those of you between 56-60, this question: Got wisdom?

Got Wisdom?

Have you got wisdom? Have you evolved in this life to the point where you can take what you have  learned so you can share it with others? Are you not only at peace with but loving this life you have such that you have a fire in your soul to share your wisdom with your kindred human beings? This kind of living at this age is success personified.

If you are between 52-55, it is a good time to schedule a 2, 4 or 6 month Life Fitness coaching program with me to get prepared for the latter half of your 50s. If you are 56-60, it the perfect time to schedule a “Wisdom” Lifespan Consultation with me so we can work together on educating and empowering you in specific ways at this point on your path.


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