The Greatest Love

We are into the bleak midwinter of wintertide, what I consider the true end of a year, but there is no stopping those who want to take advantage of 2018’s universal theme of Power, Purpose, Passion, and Prosperity. I work with people who want to transform their lives and I can see this theme coming into place in the lives of people around me. Placed before us are two significant dates that will give us all the strength and initiative to achieve our goals. Valentine’s Day, February 14, is one of them; the other is Chinese New Year, February 16 – The Year of the Dog. Over those three days we will all be empowered with a double shot that will boost our ability to experience our purpose, find our purpose, live it with passion and achieve prosperity

The Greatest Love

Valentine’s Day is asking us to get to the core of our hearts and love ourselves. This is the greatest love of all. When we know and love ourselves we become powerful. We understand our purpose and can embrace life with passion. Then we are positioned to manifest whatever is prosperity to us. We become unstoppable.

Year of the Dog

In Eastern spirituality it is The Chinese New Year – The Year of the Dog – is asking us to put consistent, loyal action behind everything we do. Give loyalty to those who give it to you and those who do not, it will be time to break away from them. Don’t bark or bite. Eat. Sleep. Rest. Play. Know that your needs are taken care of by the Source that is bigger than you. For those who understand western astrology and how it works, we have Saturn in Capricorn empowering us in building new solid foundations and climbing towards the pinnacle of our goals. The Universe wants to support us in reaching our goals. Everything you do must be a steady, calm climb towards your aspirations. Your understanding of your purpose in relation to people and situations will be guided by a growing passion and increasing power. You will see your bank account grow when you are true to yourself (self-love) and authentic with others.

Rejuvenate Yourself

Use this wintertide to rejuvenate yourself in body, mind and spirit. That is LOVE. That is self-love. Allow epiphanies (new ideas) to surface and nurture those seeds in the quiet of your soul. This time between January through March is truly the end of the year. When spring arrives at the end of March, you will be both empowered and a powerful force!

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