The Hermit Emerges

The great meditation period that started for you a while ago is now finished. This means you are going to have to get back into the world again! You are going to have to test out how the “new and improved” you operates in everyday life. You can expect some real changes!

Recent celestial events may have stirred you up, and that’s only natural. Quite likely, you have become far more aware of your masculine side as a result. All women contain a masculine animus inside; likewise, all men contain a feminine anima. There is no reason for a woman to deny the urges of her animus. Rather, she should embrace them, especially professionally. The Moon-Saturn conjunction today will help you understand this.


When we emerge from a hermit time in our lives we find that there are so many opportunities in front of me. Wonderful, fabulous opportunities in all senses and manners. To take advantage as I should of these things, I must embrace the partsof me that are aggressive, asertive, channelging, warrior-like and firm. The animus of me.

How comfortable are you at grasping and living with your animus, those of you who are women? If you are not doing this – can you see where and how in your life it has adversely affected you? It is an isue of taking your power and realizing simultaneously there is nothing wrong with taking your power. It is just that – YOUR power. It is not depriving anyone else or harming anyone else. It is claiming what is already there and using it to the full.

May you grow within and successfully emerge from your Hermit years and claim your power.


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