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How To Create A Good Life During Chaotic Times

My friend “Marla” spent about two weeks packing the entire contents of her yard into her house, battening down the hatches, sealing windows , making a safe room in her bedroom for herself and her cat and praying the wind would not blow off her roof. She lives in Florida and was the predicted path of Hurricane Dorian. We talk daily, checking in on one another. One of those days, I was sharing with her about some situation and she stopped me, saying it was too much for her to hear at the moment. With a hurricane bearing down on her, threatening to destroy the house she was in the midst of selling(!!), she could only hear good news to keep her focus out of an emotional pit. I understood and we changed the topic. I wanted her to keep her vibe as high as possible, no matter the outside circumstances.

Constant Manipulative Noise

Daily life for most people is awash with a constant hurricane swirl of news. Most of it is not about anything that truly matters to our lives. More often than not now, it is challenging. People are dealing now with a hard dose of reality. The effects can be seen in the epidemic of loneliness, depression. anxiety and the state of the family.

The world is too much with us.

Look around you to see how this is playing out: One person may be firmly committed to a goal. Another person may be depressed and involved in harsh situation. Politicians, religion, climate change, sexual abuse of women and separation of families.  It all screams from the rooftops 24/7. Remember that depression is anger pushed down and repressed. Eventually it explodes to the surface and we all know how dangerous that can be.

The issue of family is front and center. While some are enjoying great family support, others are very prominently dealing with the fallout of divorce, and families being ripped apart and family members being blocked from one another.

So what do you do with all this? How do you turn this to your benefit?

Four Ways To Thrive

Whether in your personal or business life, you can bring benefit to your life in the midst of the world’s chaos by
  1. Acknowledging your situation
  2. Detaching. Deal with overwhelm by pulling away from the noise. It is okay to do that.
  3. Taking responsibility for your emotions and not projecting them onto your family or other people around you
  4. Making a practical plan for taking care of the things you need to handle.

How do you do this in a time when the constant manipulative noise of current events is blasting from the television, radio, cell phone, etc?You detach. Turn off the electronics. Give yourself an hour in the day without media noise. In that quiet time you can notice little things that can inspire and motivate you. This is taking care of yourself.

This is on top of daily habits of gratitude and care of your physical body.
Step away from the world and create your life. The world will be there when you return, and you will be better equipped to thrive in it.

If you want help getting clear, detaching, creating space for your personal emotional and spiritual growth and/or making that practical plan so you can have the peace, love and joy you deserve., book a session with me.

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