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Join The Team

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We are seeking people who would like to become Contributing Members and write inspiring, informative, educational and motivational articles  on the topics of

  • parenting
  • creativity
  • dating and relationships
  • marriage and divorce
  • faith and spirituality
  • health and wellness
  • meditation and mindfulness
  • caring for aging parents
  • Millennial values
  • Generation X/Just Do It values
  • Generation X/Just Do It and entrepreneurship
  • Baby Boomer values
  • 40s
  • midlife (50s and 60s)

We are very focused on hearing the voices of Millennials ages 25-33. Generation X/Just Do It’s ages 34-54 and Baby Boomers ages 55-74.

Now is your opportunity to share your first person experience, reflections perspective and knowledge with the world and while getting some regular global exposure.  We are seeking weekly bi-weekly or monthly (your choice) articles with information, expertise, perspective and/or new learnings. We seek from our contributors well-written articles of 750-1000 words. The content we seek is information and perspective people can use to better understand themselves, empower themselves and transform.

The articles need to be written from your reflections on your past within your generation and/or in the present as insight into your daily life. From dating, relationships, marriage and divorce to parenting career, finances, sexuality, gender issues, cultural issues, entrepreneurship, aging, health and wellness. we want to make your experience count and your voice heard.

Your articles will be regularly promoted across the internet via social media (Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr to a wide audience. We promote daily. You will increase your influence and reach across the internet as an expert in your field and as a blogger. Your bio, with a link to your website, will be at the end of each article.

As a Contributing Member, you will receive

  • 10% off any of these coaching programs: Fresh Start, Commitment, Opportunity, Legacy or Wisdom
  • 50% off any online learning course
  • Global exposure via social media

If you would like to be take advantage of this exciting opportunity to spread the word about your expertise and be advertised, here are the contributing membership fees:

Contributing Membership Fees

Quarterly (3 months) — $100

Half Year (6 months) — $180

Yearly (12 months) — $249

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