Krzysztof and The Magic

We have a gorgeous sunny summer day today where I am. It has been raining, but that can also be pretty. It is all about perspective, isn’t it? We must look for something to be thankful for in each moment. I have had a lot of rain in my life lately but the clouds are beginning to lift. There is an inspiration of gratitude in the clouds.


One part of the thunderstorms and clouds has been a man named Krzysztof. I care deeply for him. He comes from a strong, proud culture that I find quite interesting and he is a strong, intelligent man with a good heart. I awakened with a smile today realizing that I am quite thankful for meeting him, for our natural ability to talk on a deep and intimate level with each other from the start, for the healing opportunity he represents for me and for the healing opportunity I know I  offer to him. I am thankful that we have met and are journeying together. I am thankful for the journey.

Deep Conversation

You know how when you meet someone you instantly can tell you will be friends with the person or not. You know who this person is. I thought Krzysztof was a funny guy when I first met him. He was making subtle funny remarks and he smiled a lot. Clearly, he liked my style, liked me (the introvert being extroverted) . He presented himself as mild-mannered but I felt his energy was intense and a bit on the wild side like he was reigning in bucking horses. He was an adventurer, if only in his heart. A few months later we began talking and I asked him some intensely personal questions. He did not shy away and he answered me honestly, openly and with integrity. Then I asked him to help me with something for which I needed to interview him and he happily agreed. That turned into one of the best days I have had in a long time. Sitting in a special quiet room, I let my natural introvert side out. We talked for hours as I interviewed him and then he began talking freely and practicing his guitar from his seat on the floor. I lay on the nearby couch. I shared some things about myself. We ate some fruit and nuts he brought us. Then he shared something extremely personal and confidential about himself. As I listened I knew, from my experience as a minister/priest and my counseling background that even though he tried to make light of it this was a serious piece of himself. In addition to being intelligent and of good heart, this man was authentic. Krysztof was REAL. It was refreshing. We talked intensely that day, then went for a long walk. This was no superficial man and our relationship would not be superficial.

Driver’s Seat

Other times spent together proved to be the same, with conversations that included humor, insight and opportunities for me to relax and let Krzysztof be in charge. LOL, now if you really know me, you know I am a passionate woman and go at life full speed —  I plan it and I take control and drive it forward. But with Krzystztof I have come to find I have met a person who quietly competently handles things, and I have a great sense of stability with him. I can sit back and enjoy the ride. One day I realized I was thinking about traveling up the California coastline on PCH 101 with him and he was in the driver’s seat. “Whoa”, I said to myself and laughed because I ALWAYS drive. For the first time, I am willing to allow someone else, Kzysztof, drive because I trust him to get me to the destination.

Inspiration to Gratitude

A wise mentor friend of mine gave me some truths yesterday, pointed out very clearly that Krzysztof is in my life to bring me healing through teaching me patience and deeper levels of trust and I am in his life to teach him commitment and courage to overcome fear. Of course these lessons are being learned through a stormy time because we humans are imperfect. But there is always a rainbow after a storm, so I am grateful for the lesson. I am quite excited because I can already feel the magic working in my life by being thankful for Krzysztof and the situation. Thank you Krzysztof!

Making Magic

I may be much farther along the journey than you, but due to the same hard work I ask of you, I am still evolving!

Meanwhile, if there is assistance I can offer to you, call me today for a short session on those things that have you frustrated, confused, hurting, and stuck. I will leave Skype open today for a chat. Let’s spend 15 minutes and get you empowered to a new place. Use the Skype buttons on the side of this page.

Meanwhile, I also want you to get moving on your gratitude — on making magic in your life. You cannot achieve anything you want ot achieve with a negative attitude. Sure, what you want is not happening right now but if you attitude stays in the dirt, so does your situation! The physical and psychological benefits of gratitude are scientifically proven in addition to the spiritual benefits. One of the easiest ways to do this is through a gratitude journal. Practicing gratitude can be extremely hard sometimes and it helps to do something concrete. A gratitude journal gives you a concrete, practical task, utilizes your brain power and helps you change your attitude. Your creative juices get flowing and you find new ways of thinking. This is how the magic of life occurs. Poeple thnk you did something manipulative or unusual when all you did was be grateful.

journaling20 Gratitude Prompts

Get a journal or just 20 sheets of paper. You can do it at your desk at work right now. Use one of these prompts on each day, starting today and for the next 20 days.  Journal for a page in gratitude: Write about at least 10 ways that you can share your gratitude with other people today.

  1. Write about a person in your life that you’re especially grateful for and why. It can be a family member or a friend.
  2. What/Who are you taking for granted about your day to day that you can be thankful for?
  3. What competencies are you thankful to possess? (being an excellent cook, being spontaneous and adventurous, being a whiz at Scrabble, playing soccer).
  4. What made you last laugh so hard you nearly burst — relive it through writing out the details.
  5. What is there about a hardship/challenge you’re experiencing right now that you can be thankful for?
  6. What in your work environment makes you grateful? It could be your colleagues, your working hours, a flexible schedule, the lunch service, or some perks. Give details.
  7. How is where you are in life today different than a year ago today – furthermore what positive changes are you thankful for?
  8. What activities and hobbies would you miss if you were unable to do them?
  9. List five body parts that you’re grateful for and why. (having short legs have its advantages as can having a big nose)
  10. Compose a letter to someone who has positively impacted your life.
  11. What makes you grateful for your current city/town of residence?
  12. Which five people in your life are difficult people for you? Write at least one quality for each for which you are thankful.
  13. What material items around you are you most grateful for because they make life easier or more interesting?
  14. Write about the music that inspires you to smile and uplifts you when you hear it. Write your gratitude for that and why it inspires you!
  15. Write about someone who has done something this week to help you or make your life easier and how you can thank them.
  16. Think about food and drink. What foods or meals make you most happy and thankful and why?
  17. If this were your last day, what three people adn what five things would you like to enjoy?
  18. What is your favorite place in nature and what about it makes you grateful?
  19. What part of your morning routine are you most thankful for? Write out the details. (If it is very personal like lovemaking, be sure to keep this paper somewhere private)
  20. Finally, what have you learned this week for which you are grateful?

The Skype line is open. Talk soon!


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