Life Direction Clarity

Understanding the spiritual basis of your life is necessary for the physical and material success. You cannot drive your life forward with no understanding of your internal workings and how this universe works.That is why I created the Life Direction Clarity session. It is for women who are not ready to breakthrough to success because they still need to find their clarity of purpose. I work with a very few such women per year.

This 90 minute introductory life strategy session includes an intuitive reading of your energy and is designed to support you in getting clarity on your life direction as well as action steps to move you forward.  The session can be as structured or flexible as you need and as focused or broad as you would like.

Your Life Direction Clarity Session

This session is a good fit for individuals who are:

  • feeling energetically stuck, knowing you need clarity on something, just not sure what
  • considering a career change to a path more aligned with your soul’s calling
  • want to know your life’s purpose
  • highly sensitive empaths and want to live a life that is more energy rich
  • repeating disempowering patterns in relationships and want to understand why
  • want to overhaul their self-care routine but do not know where to start

Preparing for Your Session

Please bring a journal or notebook for taking notes.

This Life Direction Clarity session can be done in-person in downtown San Diego, by phone, or through a chat platform online. Once you have reserved your session below you will be contacted by email to schedule it.

$97 non-refundable payment is due upon scheduling and must be paid via Paypal



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