Live With Barrett – Women Entrepreneur Broadcasts

Live With Barrett – Women Entrepreneur Broadcasts

Women entrepreneurs – some of whom are mompreneurs and some who are  not – are doing awesome things in this world. In case you missed it earlier this spring, I am meeting up with these women via online radio. Here’s your opportunity to learn from them by listening to the podcasts

Life is a wonderful journey and the people you meet are gifts along the way. I have been an entrepreneur for over 15 years, working with people around the globe on integrating and balancing their lives. Work-life integration (work-life blend), wellbeing, lifespan transitions – from the late 20s to the 60s and spiritual empowerment are my passion. My motto is spread love, make money, change the world.  I do it through working with what I love.

International Women Entrepreneurs

I have learned many skills as an entrepreneur and one is about networking – creating community. These women, my colleagues, are incredible! Women around the world have a wealth of intelligence information and insight that is more valuable than gold. I have been mining that gold in a series of radio interviews with women entrepreneurs around the world who are communicating and delivering their knowledge through not only their own businesses and websites, but through Udemy.  You can follow the radio show Live with Barrett at

I am delighted to be able to use my former career as a broadcast journalist and my training and experience as an ordained minister to host these radio interviews and unearth these nuggets of gold. These amazing entrepreneurs are women of excellence from different countries across the globe have insightful stories to tell of their entrepreneurial pursuits, as well as how they manage their careers and personal lives. They are interested in educating the world. If you would like to be enriched by these women entrepreneurs take the time to listen to these interviews: Download and listen to these podcasts to learn what some creative, determined, thriving businesswomen are doing.

Here is a listing of the interviews I conducted on 2015. A new round will be broadcast later in 2016.

And if you would like to be in the next round of interviews, please send an email to me at info (at) with the subject title “Radio Interview”.

Live With Barrett Interviews (2015)

Wendy McClelland – Social Media Maven

Teagan Fea – Holistic Wellness Entrepreneur

Tricia Ballad – Author, Project Geek, Autism Educator

Kristen Palana – Golden Palm Award Winner (Cannes Film Festival), Animator and Illustrator

Teresa L. Greenway – Founder, Northwest Sourdough

Judy Clark – Communication Trainer

Dr. Clare Lynch – Co-founder, Doris & Bertie

Anneke Camstra – Digital Artist and Animator

Tiffany Eve Lawrence – Founder, Covered Cubs

Dr. Valerie Whiting – Autism Specialist

Danielle King – Founder, Fitness Is My Sickness & San Diego Personal Trainer

Faith McClure – Founder, Solopreneur (Business Law)

Rachel Bicknell – IT Engineer & Mompreneur

Dr. Majo Jacinto – Simplifying Finances

Dr. Ines K. Roe – Entrepreneur Coach

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