Lori Leak Travels to Paris Now PUBLISHED!


Lori Leak Travels To Paris is now published and in paperback on Lulu.com. You can now get your copy of 2015’s best children’s book!

Oooh laaa laaaa!

Lori Leak lands in the City of Light with her parents today and it will never be the same! This little African-American girl embraces the romantic, historic, modern city of Paris with a larger-than-life hug of enthusiasm.

I enjoyed writing this story and I am looknig forward to having millions of you enjoy it, too!

You can get your copy of this absolutely gorgeous book here: Lori Leak Travels to Paris

(The link is http://bit.ly/LoriLeak, if  you have trouble resolving it)

Oh, and here is some music that Lori likes, so you can join the celebration!

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