He May Not Be Your Guru, But Tony Robbins Is A Great Leader

He May Not Be Your Guru, But Tony Robbins Is A Great Leader

I sat on the floor, my face only several inches from the television screen, the volume on low. If my mother knew I was awake watching TV in the early morning hours on a school night I would be in trouble. I chose, however to take the risk because I had to hear what this man, Tony Robbins was saying. I did this nightly  and I am sure it led, in part, to my growth as a person.

I Am Not Your Guru

I have followed Robbins’ teachings and read his books over the years. Documentary filmmaker Joe Berlinger has made a film for Netflix titled “I Am Not Your Guru” about Tony Robbin’s and his “Date with Destiny” program. It is a one week transformation program he does once a year in the USA. If you do not have Netflix, enroll for one month and watch this program. It goes behind the scenes and gives an opportunity to see what goes into his work with people. Effective, dramatic, intense and informative, it satisfies the curiosity about this program.

Revealing Tony Robbins

It peels away the layers about the Date with Destiny program and the amazing work done there. It does not peel away the layers of Anthony J. Mahavoric (later legally changed to Anthony Robbins), born on the unusual day of February 29, 1960. He briefly talks about his mother and his childhood at points when engaging with participants in the program. He does this in every program I have seen If you have watched various videos you have seen he and his wife talk about their marriage. If you read Wikipedia and other things online you can find some information. A recent article focuses on a closing question in the film “I Am Not Your Guru”, in which he is asked to expose himself to the audience. His response is to say that he does not think people would really care to know that much about him.

There are some business controveries and criticism for having more than one marriage. Does it change the work he does? No.

Ringing Someone’s Doorbell

While some may think the answer was inauthentic, it is appropriate. Once when I was working as a radio news anchor/reporter  I answered the ringing doorbell at home and opened my apartment door.  A man came to tell to me how he liked listening to me on the radio and hearing my “beautiful voice”. He researched me, got my home address and came to my private apartment. I was terrified. I knew my downstairs neighbors were not home. I had nowhere to go but back inside the apartment and I judged I might not get the door shut and locked in time. I was higher than him as the was at the bottom of steps and I could perhaps kick him backwards before slamming and locking the door. But, I smiled and thanked him and suggested we go outside and talk as I was on my way to my car.

Amir and Setting Boundaries

Thankfully he agreed to the boundary I set and walked down ahead of me. I was relieved when we got outside to the back yard. I chatted briefly with him standing at a distance and then gtonysagerobbinsot in my car, locked the doors and turned on the engine. He walked out of the back yard and onto the street where he got into a car and drove away.

To this day I respect boundaries: I do not need to answer the door/doorbell, or the telephone. I do not need to answer the telephone. If I do, I reserve the right to ask who you are and what you want. Boundaries. Once, a university student named Amir harassed me daily or five months by gossiping about me, monitoring me in-person and by writing me criticisms every time I posted something on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. He said he appointed himself to ensure I improved my work and communication. When I set him straight about his lack of boundaries he was shocked. We each end where the other person begins.  It is respect.

What We Know About Tony Robbins

Boundaries apply here. I care to know whatever Tony Robbins chooses to reveal about himself. I do not think he hiding some dirty secret. I think people are looking for ways to discredit his message and his life’s work by finding a flaw in him and malign his wealth. He already talks about having sculpted the man he is today. He already openly speaks of how he is the giant of a man he is today spiritually and psychologically, despite his broken life foundation. He speaks of his wife, Bonnie-Pearl “Sage” Humphrey Robbins and his family. He speaks of them being his greatest joy.

If I had the blessing to meet Tony Robbins and he chose to reveal something personal about himself, that would be where it stays. Between us. Otherwise he does not owe the public at large a cinematic technicolor emotional breakdown of himself.

I know all I need to know about Tony Robbins — and so does everyone else.

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No One Needs A Guru

Robbins motivates and inspires people to take charge of their lives  – in 12 countries and 200,000 people per year. That is a massive job. Transparency as a leader or any prominent does not mean you lose your individual right to privacy, human dignity, safety and common sense. You would not do it.

What you need to know how you can model this person who has evolved spiritually, emotionally and psychologically (and yes, it shows in his material abundance). You need someone who gets in the scull and rows with you to success.

Empowered Living

No one needs a guru and as he says, he is not one. You need an empowered life. As with any leader, what you can well use from Tony Robbins, from your teachers and from me, is our sound leadership and the benefit of what we can teach you that empowers you in your life. Nothing else.

When I work with people on life strategies to make transition and eliminate chaos and crisis, it is about them. It is not about me. I genuinely love and have compassion people and work hard at what I do.  I want give back by excelling as a leader and teacher. This means, to many, it seems like I “work magic”. I am glad that there can be a transformation through the working together.

If I can empower you in designing your life and shaping your destiny, I am here for you.

We will meet soon and work together, meanwhile, be yourself, be blessed!

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