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Monday Muse: Magnificence and Mojitos

(Photo by Melissa Walker Horn on Unsplash)
Everyday you do what you’ve got to do, working towards the realization of your dream. Then, one day, you find yourself sitting in Sitges, Spain sipping a mojito that is handmixed in your presence by the president of Bacardi, a direct descendant of this entrepreneur who began it all…and you realize the dream has come true.

Sitges is a beautiful city on the Mediterranean Sea. The water is a blue that with each wave washes a bubbling joy and a smooth peace into you.
Sitting here, lounging under a hot Spanish sun, my mind heard the voice that told me along the way, doing what I love with no support ftom family, taking the risk of leaving down my American life and moving alone to Europe, living my life and working my business, everything has aligned.
Sometimes you will be the only one who has faith in you. Persist you must. Let your faith in your magnificent vision propel you to your destination of doing work you loves that serves and uplifts others, brings you profit, makes it possible to be charitable to others and allows you to see the world and meet its people at your leisure.
One day, in the midst of an ordinary day, you will sit back and sip, realizing your magnificent dream is reality.



8 mint leaves
Ice cubes
2 heaping tsp caster sugar
1.5 oz Bacardi white rum
2oz soda water


Roll the lime back and forth on the cutting board or counter to release the juices. Cut it into 4 pieces.
Gently roll 6 leaves to release the full mint flavor and add to the glass.
Fill the glass halfway with crushed ice.
Add sugar and stir until dissolved.
Pour the Bacardi white rum over the limes, mint and sugar
Add soda water and stir.
Top with a few sprigs of mint, sit back and enjoy.


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