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Monday Muse: RISE!

The world has changed so much and we must change with it – or in this global pandemic and economic downturn, simply and very likely, die. We must do a new thing and have a new vision.

Over the last several years, while experiencing catastrophe, death, loss and deprivation, I have been forming a clearer vision of the life I want to live for the remainder of my time on earth. It means I had to get clear, very clear. It has been a long and hard road but one I amd glad to say has ben fulfilling and full of reward.
Some things were simple, like spending time doing the things I truly enjoy for leisure such as golfing, playing guitar, running, and reading.
Other things have been about creating a strong network of family and friends. I have gotten to know family I never knew I had; I have researched my genetics and made contact with cousins. Reconnections have been made with old friends and ties have been strengthened. My relationship with my mother has dramatically improved and that gladdens me.
But one thing that I am most glad about is a professional desire that is about my core values and my spiritual purpose in life. I have always worked with women and in particular women entrepreneurs. Female founders and business owners are women who I deeply enjoy teaching, educating and supporting women like you in launching, operating and growing your businesses. As I consciously create my legacy, I get to help you do the same. Prior to now, however it has been in various pieces: some consulting (which is telling you specific solutions and strategies to accomplish goals), coaching (which is supporting you in the path you have chosen and helping you get clear and focused), some education/teaching, some spiritual direction and reflection and some motivational and inspirational speaking. Because I want to help you and your business be longlasting (so far I have 24 years in business), I want to give you the tools to be resilient.
Now it all comes wrapped up in a beautiful and powerful new package called RISE!
RISE! is a membership community I have created that contains everything you need to create, grow and sustain a RESILIENT business and life. Check out this video and sign up on the waitlist. The door will open to sign up on Thanksgiving Day and you will get a discount as well as one month FREE.

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