Monday Muse: Slavery, HR and You

Part of being a good friend is being a good listener. Sometimes you can give advice but most often it is best to LISTEN to your friends because the magic and the love is in being heard. Listening is how you learn who your friend really is, not how they may front to you and other people. Recently I listened to a friend tell me about her work life…a story that has gotten sadder and sadder. I have often told her how intelligent and creative she is and that she should be an entrepreneur. She would be happier and not deal with the abusive management, the unscrupulous executives and the sexual harassment. She would not be in =fear of getting fired every day. She would sleep easier at nice. She would not have someone making her do their job for lower pay. Nevertheless, I listen and do not offer much advice. That day will some. Last night I came across something that I will have with me when that day arrives.

The Digital Age

The infographic below captures very succinctly what I have known for many years about working for others. We are done with the Industrial Revolution. We are firmly in the Digital Revolution. Working for someone else, whether as an employee or independent contractor (Uber, Lyft, Door Dash, Postmates etc) is going to lead to poverty for many people. As the Just DO It Generation (coming after the Baby Boomers) realized, entrepreneurship is vital if you will thrive through economic downturns and global crises. Human resources is based on the system of plantation management – SLAVERY.

IBe a friend to yourself the nest time you are bemoaning and crying about your workplace. Listen t yourself the next time you are feeling angry, frustrated and depressed about your worklife. Listen and ask yourself a question:

When do you think you will use your creative mind and make a business – releasing yourself from bondage?


Slave Owners vs Modern Management

(Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash)

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