Monkey See, Monkey Do

“Monkey see, monkey do” is a phrase about mimicry. It is about doing the same thing as others. It is about being unoriginal. And when you are not original, that is when you enter the danger zone. How are YOU branding yourself personally and professionally? Is your like about monkey see, monkey do?

The Chinese New Year — The Year of the Monkey — has begun and it is a sharp reminder to get moving on your goals and be original. Make YOUR mark in life. Change YOUR life. Do YOUR thing, not someone else’s.

Be yourself. Everyone else is taken. — Oscar Wilde

The energy of teh Year of the Monkey and the Monkey characteristics (according to Chinese philosophy) is one where people must be willing to move quickly and go with constant change and maybe even volatility. You see, people born in the year of the monkey are quick in mind and action and that can empower them to achieve success. They are competitive and have big egos but they are not always so bold about it.  They are good planners because they are firm in their mind and can make decisions and stck with them.

All of these are traits that will empower you in 2016.

The Monkey also like to laugh and show how witty he/she is. Sometimes that sense of humor hurts others, however and teh Monkey is unaware o it. Be causre that you do not pul pranks and laugh at other people thinking they are laughing with you. Cleverness has a limit.

Monkey people usually adopt the policy of making large sales at a small profit when doing business. The Monkey squares accounts in every detail and accumulates wealth by saving small profits. Their business acumen and economic success are really surprising! This is a year to especially pay atention to finances, get rid of debt and increase wealth through saving.


Women born in the year are said to tend to be high spirited and like to look neat yet glamorous. They light up a room with their happy nature and witty coments.


Monkeys are also good strategists so this year, 2016, is a good time to make plans and strategize about how you want to achieve ytour success, then GO FOR IT.

They have some of the characteristics of strategists. For example, they are always ready to seize any favorable chance to achieve their goals, and before they take action they will carefully plan for strategic changes and decent leeways.

Ready to Make that Change?

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