Overwhelmed By Negativity?

During wintertime, especially we can be overwhelmed with sad, depressive, negative feelings. SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder is a serious affliction which often lurks in the shadows until it is pushed out by extended negativity and anxiety during the wintertime. Living in a dark, cold climate during the wintertime can also affect you. But the biggest culprit nowadays is in our hands and right in front of us. Social media.  In our current times there may be so much negativity circulating that it adversely affects your well being. Complaints, sarcasm, pessimistic beliefs, desperation, hopelessness, anger and anxiety abound in society. Social media negativity (trolling, unfriending, arguments, millions of fear-based posts) is pervasive. Are you feeling overwhelmed by negativity? You can change this! 

All those emotions are unhealthy. They are signs of spiritual and emotional illness. As you know, I am a practitioner of hygge, having lived in Denmark for so many years. It begins in the home of your heart. This is where positive energy takes root and positive living emanates from here. Comfort of the body, mind and soul is a good thing! You can be a bright and thriving rose in the cold of winter if you take good care of yourself. Take these simply steps to cleanse your soul of the negative energy and create a loving, connected, positive environment internally and externally. It is a prescription for your soul that will be soothing, relieve pain and bring good health.

Afterwards prepare to join me on February 1 for a 21 day challenge that will empower you with love, joy, hope and inspiration.

Prescription for Your Soul

1. Hygge
We are surrounded on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram etc), in newspapers and on television with news and information about negative happenings. What you focus on expands in your life. Turn off social media and the television and put away the newspapers. Read inspirational and motivations books and literature, listen to uplifting music. Take courses or classes that improve your well being. Spend time with loved one and avoid talking about the negative subjects. Spend time in solitude silence and stillness in nature.  Make you favorite soothing hot drink, put on your hyggebukser (comfy pants) and light a candle if you like. Close out the negative and cocoon yourself away with positive energy. Comfort yourself and life your spirit.

2. Change Patterns
If negativity is often coming out of your mouth and running through your head, the first thing you must do is become aware of it so you can change it. Changing a pattern can be hard at first but with practice it become s second nature. Count to 10 before responding so that you do not react negatively in a situation or to a person. Ask yourself how you can move forth with love, then do it.

3. Connect Daily with Your Self
Prayer, meditation or mindfulness is vital to your good wellbeing. Doing this outs you in alignment with Source and the universe that always says YES to you.  Learn how to meditate or do mindfulness practice. Learn how to pray effectively (it is not about begging and subservience). Connect daily with the love, joy, peace and positive energy in yourself and you will see life transform.  In fact, close your eyes and say those words – Love, Joy, Harmony, Peace.


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