The process with Barrett was very professional and educational. The best things about the sessions are the personal attention from Barrett, her direct questions, her wild enthusiasm, and her experience in business and communications and her empathy. She is a spiritual person with great wisdom. I highly recommend Barrett’s services as a lifespan consultant to any and all people who are serious about creating a successful life. I was worried at first that because she is American it would be impossible to connect, but Barrett is as woman of the world. She knows a lot about little Denmark and the ways of its people and culture. Barrett asked very provocative and well thought through questions that guided me to ask in great detail and depth what I wanted to create for my life and where I wanted it to go and how to get there. I felt in serious crisis about where my life was going and that it was important to get serious about a solution. By working with Barrett I figured out my best path, gained a new understanding of the best way to brand myself, and got on the way with my life’s dream instead of remaining silently frustrated, struggling and angry. I felt comfortable with her and looked forward to our lunch sessions. I got food for my stomach, my mind and my soul.  – A. Møller , mompreneur, 39

Damn! Barrett goes DEEP. I “knew” it would be intense but I did not really know it would be INTENSE. While it was painful in some parts. Barrett helped me get to my core issues and deal with how I have been handling my life. Maybe I should say mishandling my life. I got stuck in grieving over my husband and lost in my children’s problems and I had nothing left to me. I felt like I could not trust anyone or anything. I put down my guard, spent an intense day with Barrett and she really cared. She really CARED. She met me down there where I was and walked my journey with me as I got unstuck, stood up and burst through my wall. It is a month later and I am seeing the change in my income as an entrepreneur, in my sense of self/esteem and in the HOPE that I have for my future.  Lisa D., CEO/Entrepreneur, entertainment industry, 41

At 39, my life was not working. I hated my job and had bad finances. What I tried to make would not happen. I blamed my boyfriend and my parents. I was angry at my friends for no longer being the same. I was lying to myself and others. Being Danish, life is a youth party even when you are 28, 29, 31, maybe because we are still in university. Then suddenly we are to be adults — but society has not taught us how to be an adult along the way. 40s? Marriage? It is a dark maze through the 30s and into the 40s . We have a problem in the Danish society. However, by doing the Commitment program, I came to see how I broke my life and how I needed to change. Things are much better now in my relationship, my finances and with my future. Barrett has UNSTOPPABLE energy and love. Thank you, Barrett. – Petra T. 46

Barrett is great!  She has a way of seeing things very clearly and knowing what you are avoiding. She directs your attention so you must review possibilities and make choices. Still, she is caring. I was unfocused about things and holding onto my adolescence. It was holding me back. I never saw it so clearly as when I did the life strategy sessions with Barrett. She helped me to connect with my passion and my dreams. Now I have finished school, started a great job in finance, am buying an apartment, and I am ready to get engaged (and hopefully married within a year!) .  Working with Barrett has been an good experience that has helped me face life and give it the gas! C. Christiansen, 28

My life was broken and there is no other way to describe it. My health went downhill. Someone close to me died. I lost my sense of direction. I wanted to die. My vision for the rest of my life was gone. My children are older and I am a woman alone. My finances were terrible. They let me know how little I meant at my job. I was tired of the struggle of life in every way. Working with Barrett and her life strategy program resurrected me from the ashes. I have a vision and a purpose now. I felt supported all along the way between her and the group. I have gratitude in a way I did not before. I am building a life and a legacy that makes me get out of bed each day with joy Angelica R, 52.

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