Session with Barrett

You want to up your game, enjoy your life and leave a great legacy.

You aspire to be an entrepreneur OR improve your results in your business OR create better balance in your career.

You want to live an aligned life that is your perfect blend of spirit, mind and body.

As a soulful change-maker in a career, business or your personal life, your goal is to serve with all your being and help people heal, grow and celebrate. Therefore, your soulful success is critical to you, so it matters to me.

Invest in one session to launch or refresh your business OR career. Your will receive strategic guidance to launch, expand and strengthen your business, brand, work life blend and most importantly, your bottom line.

Barrett Clemmensen Powell is the Founder and CEO of BP Legacy Group. She has created strategic business and personal growth coaching, public branding, and marketing campaigns for entrepreneurs, small businesses, nonprofits  and business owners.