*NEWS* We are in the process of creating nearly more courses for you to take online through an academy of learning that will come through this website, as well as writing some more books. There is SO MUCH I want ot share with you from the lessons I have learned in life and the research I have done.

The topics will range widely in scope. Some will be for women only. The academy of learning will feature courses on topics such as lifespan leadership, business, entrepreneurship, excellence, personal transformation and growth, and more. We launch in April 2019

Now is a perfect time to broaden your education in life — and you can do it conveniently from your laptop or your phone. Take an online course and open up new worlds, increase your knowledge, sharpen your skills and maybe even empower yourself to a promotion!

Here are some books and courses that I recommend! Check out these online learning opportunities that I know will change your life:




Here Be Dragons #1: Women’s Leadership Empowerment









Turning 40: Opportunity For Success












30 Ways To Transform Your Life





And here are some other courses which I think will awaken and empower your creativity, bring healing to your life and advance your career.

Plan Your Non-Fiction Book in a Weekendicon

Blog Your Book in 30 Days

Writing To Heal: Journaling and Writing to Happiness

Kickstart Your Memoir: Writing Exercises



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