VIP Coaching

VIP Coaching

You want to up your game and give your best to the world.

You want to live an aligned life that is your perfect blend of spirit, mind and body. As a soulful change-maker, your goal is to serve with all your being and help people heal, grow and celebrate. Your soulful success is critical to you, so it matters to me.

  • Have you fully unleashed the powerful potential of your creativity?
  • Have you impacted and transformed lives in your local and global community?
  • Have you attained the abundance and wealth you desire (remember, money and abundance is a good thing!)
  • Are you living and working at the point of maximum inspiration and growth?

This is about the dream deep in your soul. But you are not sure how to integrate your spirituality, your entrepreneurial dream  and the reality of marketing AND/OR how to blend your physical, financial and psychological goals with good spiritual health and the lifestyle of your dreams. Well, it can be done – and with integrity and savvy.



Program Highlights:

  • Increased Energy, Creativity and Connection
  • Radical Authenticity
  • Vision-Mission-Purpose Clarity
  • High-Performance Strategy
  • Real People-Planet-Profit Impact

This detailed goal-setting, reflection and integration process will enable and empower you to assess your personal values, determine the strategies and tools necessary illuminate the opportunities you should pursue to reach your goals, and support you in creating a solid  foundation for success in 2018 and beyond.

In your six VIP  collaborative 1:1 sessions,  you will be empowered through challenging but necessary questions around building your authenticity, growing your relationships,  increasing your income if you so desire and helping you achieve the aligned lifestyle of your dreams.

In working with lifestyle coach and life strategist Barrett Clemmensen Powell, you will learn how to take charge of your life through all four major adult life transition periods. You will learn the specific challenges brought before you at several ages between the late 20s to early 60s and how you can GROW and THRIVE through them, You will earn how to avoid crisis – crisis is NOT necessary to learn or grow. You will undergo the unique COMMITMENT – OPPORTUNITY – LEGACY – WISDOM program and your life will transform!

Working alongside Barrett Clemmensen Powell you will emerge from this process with an authentic assessment of who you are, where you are in fulfilling your ultimate “Work From Anywhere – Serve the World – Leave a Legacy” plan. In your hands will be your 3-Step Action Plan for finishing strong and entering 2019 with immense power.

This plan will provide you with:

  • 1:1 expertise for social or business
  • A Goal Clarity Process to set clear goals
  • A Clear Vision Plan with concrete steps and a realistic action plan
  • Greater awareness of your personal strengths, weaknesses, current capacity and sweet spots – to create your ideal relationships, resolve conflicts in those relationships where change is needed and improve your overall lifestyle. This way, you can create a truly aligned life.
  • Guidance and tools to harness important lessons from your year thus far and key insights to leverage those lessons into winning strategies for the remainder of 2018 and the start of 2019
  • And so much more…

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