Great Thanksgiving

The Great Thanksgiving cornucopia-1

Every October we launch our annual “attitude of gratitude” course – an online spiritual book study and practice of “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrnes. It is designed to increase your abundance in this bountiful autumn harvest season — and beyond!Now is the time to enroll.

If you want to read the book yourself, you can purchase the book online or in a bookstore, as well as borrow it from your local library.

“The Magic” is about something explored in “The Secret” — gratitude or thanksgiving. It is about using magical practices to transform your thoughts, your mind and every aspect of your life.  There are 28 magical practices.  We recommend that you get a copy of the book from a store or library because there is great content in it besides the magical practices!

But you will find a posting here each day that will guide you through each practice! Join in!


The Great Thanksgiving Coaching

You can also purchase The Great Thanksgiving package and get 28 days of daily, brief online coaching sessions that includes a guided meditation. See the abundant results in your life as you grow in gratitude and see the harvest season through new eyes.  The cost is $56 for the 28 day gratitude coaching program .

Meanwhile, here’s a gratitude meditation for you!