Here Be Dragons #1


The dragon is a mythical creature with two different histories in Western and Eastern cultures and a message for women. Many years ago I recall watching the Bruce Lee film “Enter the Dragon” and being fascinated with the dragon and what it meant. I also came to understand the differences between the Western and Eastern dragon as I studied it more closely. It was not far into this study that I saw how the dragon is a symbol of leadership.

You have heard the phrase “Women rule the world”. I think that is true – even though you do not always see the woman in charge. Leadership takes place in the boardroom, the office, the home, the community etc.I want to empower women to be excellent leaders in all they do, in whatever position they hold in their professional or personal life.

I am therefore inviting all women to take this course, which is designed for and directed to women, to empower their leadership skills. This course has been a workshop, uniquely created by me several years ago. Now it is an online program that will consist of three courses. Course #1, Enter the Dragon, is available now.

Enroll today and make a quantum leap in your leadership skills.