Soul Hunger? 5 Ways to Feed Your Self

Soul Hunger? 5 Ways to Feed Your Self

My favorite meal is is a clam boil. I grew up with these family homemade meals – lobster, Ipswich clams  (both drenched in butter), potatoes, onions and corn on the cob. Quahogs as appetizers, artichokes dipped in cheese sauce on the side. What’s your favorite meal? Imagine it in your mind. Smell how delicious that culinary masterpiece is. Is it homemade? From a restaurant? Are you alone or with someone? Is there music? What is the ambiance? This is a soul hunger memory making the food come alive.

Credit: Diana Sumumpanda

As human beings we must eat everyday.

Did you realize there is a connection between feeding your body and feeding your soul? There is. See, if you feed your body 3 protein snack bars and 3 meal replacement shakes each day, you will get nutrients but you will not be satisfied. There is a very human need for what comes with eating. The same happens with your soul.

Are you serving the work as an entrepreneur? Are you working in the spirituality, wellness or personal growth industries? If so you, as an entrepreneur, must guard your energy and you must practice the self discipline of self love and self care. That means you must feed your soul.

Soul Hunger Needs Soul Food

You need to feed your soul with real food. It is vital that you fill it with parts of you. Without a doubt, you need to feed your soul hunger. Neglect doing so for too long, and you will become irritable, short-sighted, frustrated, angry, and ineffective.

Here are several possible ways to feed your inner being with some gourmet nourishment:

1. Get out in nature.

Stop allowing social media to overtake and regulate your life. I greatly enjoy golf and skiing as well as taking boat rides around the nearby harbor and out to the ocean. Walking and running are secondary favorites of mine. I can experience the world and understand my self in the context of something much larger than me. Take some time every day, be it an hour, a few hours or the entire weekend and experience the natural world. Walking or hiking in nature is one of the greatest soul  experiences a human being can have. The world is bigger than you. In nature you come to understand your place in the world and it is an experience you cannot get from social media and television. The ocean, the mountains, the canyons and the valleys quench the thirst and feed the hunger of your soul.

2. Pump up the volume.

Music soothes and enlivens the soul! Study music, learn to play and instrument or turn on a music service while you are doing something. Music can transport you to a place no one can touch and where Spirit and you commune. Go there daily.

3. Connect authentically with your tribe.

Your support community is your tribe. Build a tribe of supportive people with whom you have authentic relationships and you will find yourself experiencing bliss. These are people who will talk with you about the REAL soul stuff. It might be a sister, a sister-friend, a golfing partner, an old friend, a classmate, a colleague, a neighbor, or someone from your spiritual community. Gather and share the good, bad and ugly about your life, the hopes, fears and triumphs. Listen to the people in your tribe and let them share the same with you. This creates connection, something we spiritual beings in human bodies need to have on a regular basis. Gather and share what’s good and bad in your life, what you struggle with, what you’re afraid of, what you hope for, what God is doing for you. Even better, listen to them share the same with you.

4. Serve someone while serving your purpose.

Get out of your comfort zone and serve somebody. There are many ways to do it. I have built houses for low-income people through Habitat for Humanity on weekends. Often, I have served meals at homeless shelters and food kitchens. For many year, I served on boards and helped create program or done fundraising. You could visit people, cook a meal, teach someone to read or give someone a ride. There are people with bigger problems than yours. Reaching beyond yourself help you see this truth and see your life with more gratitude. It will bring you blessing. Along the way, you may well discover you are living your dream and finding your purpose.

5. Read affirmations and meditate.

There are a wealth of books containing truths that open and feed the soul. FInd one of them. Here are a few suggestions: The Torah (Hebrew scriptures), The Bible (Hebrew and Greek scriptures), The Koran/Quran, The Tao Te Ching, The Vedas, The Egyptian Book of the Dead, The Bhagavad Gita, The Upanishads, The Buddhist Sutras, Siddhartha, The Epic of Gilgamesh,  Long Walk to Freedom, This Will Be My Undoing or My Old Faithful. These are only suggestions. Find something and take care of your soul hunger. Feed yourself. Stop and reflect after you had read each day. Let Spirit speak to you.  Meditate. This is how transformation occurs.

What happens for you when your soul needs nourishment?  Can you recognize the signs that appear in your life? Do you feel the stress? Can you feel the emotional imbalance? Do you feel irritated? Do you find yourself getting triggered? How do you get filled up again? Please share with me, in the comments below and come follow me on Instagram @barrettcpowell  and Facebook @barrettcpowell so we can stay connected

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